Letter Published in The Sun Herald 5th August

by Eunice Minford MA FRCS Ed. Consultant Surgeon

The following letter was published by the SunHerald in Australia on 5th August 2012, as “Medical Leader.”
The unedited, original version is below and note the sentence regarding personal responsibility for health has been removed, even though this was submitted in bold as shown to highlight its importance.

Dear Editor,

Recent articles in your paper made damning allegations about Serge Benhayon and his business. However, the overwhelming evidence of many professional, intelligent, highly qualified people is in favour of Benhayon and his work through Universal Medicine. It is astounding and insulting to us, our professions and our qualifications that our views may now be dismissed as the irrelevant ramblings of ‘brainwashed  devotees’ based on nothing more than the hearsay of the anonymous few with an axe to grind.

As a Surgeon, I am aware that many doctors would at first glance dismiss Benhayon and his understandings. There is more to us than meets the eye and more to illness, disease and healing than we know. Modern medicine is not winning and as medical professionals we should have the humility to be open to new paradigms of understanding. Benhayon’s presentations make sense, are complementary to modern medicine and if applied lead to improved wellbeing. This man has an understanding of the human body and the human condition and his work should at least be listened to by anyone who is truly interested in healing.

Dear Editor,

Recent articles in your paper made damning allegations about Serge Benhayon and his business. However, the overwhelming evidence of many professional, intelligent, highly qualified people is in favour of Serge Benhayon and his work through Universal Medicine. It is astounding and  insulting to us, our professions and our qualifications that our views may now be dismissed as the irrelevant ramblings of ‘brainwashed’  ‘devotees’ based on nothing more than the hearsay of the anonymous few with an axe to grind.

As a Surgeon, I am aware that many doctors would at first glance dismiss Serge Benhayon and his understandings. This is a grave mistake. There is more to us than meets the eye and more to illness, disease and healing than we currently know. Modern medicine is not winning and as medical professionals we should have the humility to be open to new paradigms of understanding. Serge presents in detail how our ways of daily living can be ‘our best medicine or our worst poison’ and this engenders personal responsibility for health. His presentations make sense, are complementary to modern medicine and if applied lead to improved wellbeing. This man has an understanding of the human body and the human condition and his work should at least be listened to, if not embraced by, anyone who is truly interested in healing.

163 thoughts on “Letter Published in The Sun Herald 5th August

  1. I always find it fascinating to see the workings behind the media. I really appreciate being able to read what was presented and what was published. And here we are again thinking what is published must be true … Reminds me of the Bible … Was what has been published a true representation of what was presented by those soulful servants on earth in the past? There is a real art in being able to write and edit in a way that represents the energetic truth and this I have only been able to find when I read any of the “Purple Books” … Every word is delivered with deliberate consideration of the all that is and as a writer these books are a true source of inspiration.

    1. I agree Suzanne, it makes sense how we end up with something that has been bastardised to suit someone agenda’s. It is such a gift and healing to have access to the purple books as every word holds such wisdom and power in it.

  2. It is very interesting how the media chose to leave out the sentence on responsibility. Definitely no coincidence there! Taking responsibility for our choices is one of the best things that we can do for our health and the work of Serge Benhayon is leading the way in this.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I absolutely agree. “Taking responsibility for our choices is one of the best things that we can do for our health and the work of Serge Benhayon is leading the way in this.” https://medicineandsergebenhayon.com/2012/08/05/letter-published-in-sunherald-5th-august/#more-267
      The medical system does not cope with a wide range of people still needing help. It is important for people to take care of their own health first, then with use of complementary modalities along with conventional medicine, with how we live and what we eat as part of an overall program. This should not be a band-aid approach but a system where self-responsibility for our own health and well-being is at the forefront of any system. Then there would be less need for governments to provide funding to support a system that is failing. I am using a model like this, with little to no pressure on a failing medical model. Illness and disease rates are rising worldwide. FACT. Find out more about how to live a healthier life style when you visit this site

  3. Self-care and self-responsibilty and being aware of one’s lifestyle choices in relation to illness and disease is not a new subject, in fact I have seen endless posters and adverts from the health services about these subjects. So then why take that part out of a newspaper? What’s the difference between the doctors saying we need to be responsible for our health and Serge Benhayon, someone who is responsible to the end of the universe, saying the same thing?

  4. That this letter has been published is awesome Eunice and that they have left out such a crucial part where the truth of our health is given in a nutshell, is typical for the behaviour of humanity in general. It seams that people do not want to be called for their responsibility they have with respect to their own health as it looks like it is more convenient to stay unaware and in the comfort of self chosen misery in any way shape or form as the way to go in life.

  5. SMH obviously has an agenda, as it is not just a coincidence that three vital pieces were left out, it feels like they have a vested interest to keep the truth out, although the story that could be told would be a front page news worth publishing.

  6. I find it interesting that there are three sections cut out. 1) the link to a website which can let the reader find out more about what the comment is referring to if they choose and 2) the sentences that actually states that Serge Benhayon has “in detail” provided the importance of our daily living and 3) a ‘bolded’ section about responsibility which is obviously a significant part of the comment. All three sections remove the possibility for the reader to find out the significance of what the comment is actually saying. I find SMH’s choice of action dishonouring to Dr Eunice Minford who has written the comment, as well as to the SMH readers.

  7. This an amazing letter, I am actually surprised it ended up in the paper at all… but the line that got cut out is super interesting – God forbid people are given the opportunity to consider personal responsibility for their health through looking at the way they are living. Clearly the SMH don’t want to upset their readers… or are concerned that if included, people may actually contemplate whether reading the SMH is bad medicine?

    1. I agree with you in this Samantha. Indeed it looks like the people of the SMH don’t want to upset their readers. It is more focussed to keep people in their comfort and all what happens more as something what just happens to us. Like we are all victims of circumstances. And that is exactly why the illness and diseases are raising out of the roof. We have to wake up.

      It would be great if the newspapers are going to take their responsibility to inform humanity about what is really going on, and not to win people for them buying the newspaper. To leave out this sentence out of the letter is not ok. You keep truth away from humanity.

  8. That is so true Eunice, Modern medicine is not winning, there is so much more to us that meets the eye and what Serge Benhayon presents is the more that the eyes don’t see.

  9. I’ve come across this post again, and I’m still just as shocked as the first time I read it. What happened to journalism for it to now be a practice of ficitional story telling?

  10. I love your honesty Eunice… “Modern medicine is not winning and as medical professionals we should have the humility to be open to new paradigms of understanding.”. There is so much modern medicine has to offer and it could be supported so much more if it considered some of the simple paradigms offered by Universal Medicine.

  11. So interesting to see that exactly that line about taking responsibility for our own health is taken out. Is this not a very important point? Doctors and other health professionals cannot put up with healing everyone, illness and disease are getting more and more, so looking at self-responsibility for the way we all live would be very welcome, as it would prevent many illnesses and diseases.

  12. I’m forever blown away by the lack of responsibility the media exercises daily. As much as I should be used to it, I can’t seem to accept it.

  13. Very interesting Eunice, it seems that taking responsibility for one’s health and actions is not something that this newspaper finds worth printing – perhaps it is getting a bit too close to the truth for them?!

  14. Your position as a surgeon Eunice, makes you are no more or less equal to anyone else, however your authority on ‘things medical’ places you in a position to differentiate between physical healing in the body and true healing within the ‘being’. I appreciate and applaud your willingness to do so and to support the work of Serge Benhayon, who lives and shares true medicine daily by his understanding that our bodies are but one aspect of our health and well being. When we all take responsibility for examining how our lifestyles, beliefs, ideals and emotions may impact on our health, Serge Benhayon won’t attract the unwarranted and scurrilous Media criticism and lies you have exposed here. Thank you Eunice.

  15. Thank you Eunice for sharing your experience of the Media in connection to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I have learnt so much from Serge about my body and how to care for myself in general and the ripple effect that is the result of this. To think that we have Newspapers and Media in general ( such as the Sun Herald)who omit important information says they have their own agenda and are not impartial at all.

  16. By omitting the words “and this engenders personal responsibility for health” the Sun Herald is itself not reporting responsibly, which appears to be the case with most journalist in these times.

  17. That the Sun Herald chose to omit this key sentence which would have otherwise offered so much truth and awareness to its readers — that ‘our ways of daily living can be ‘our best medicine or our worst poison’ and this engenders personal responsibility for health’ — is very telling. It exhibits that true education and information is not on the Sun Herald’s mandate. It is not about truly informing their readers in order to support a better quality of life for all. Rather, it is about spinning stories that will engender sales and profits. This is where we have come to in the world of journalism and it’s a tragedy for us all.

    1. Is it possible that if more people did learn to take responsibility for their lives the newspapers livelihood would be threatened? If everyone started to live more in harmony with themselves and others where’s the fuel to write stories about sensation, gossip, drama and woe? And if people lived with greater care why would they be interested in such?

  18. Media appears to desire to maintain the chaos and disheartened state of most modern populaces – so they then can remain in ‘charge’ to offer solutions to that same populace who are at a loss. So when common sense and an opportunity arises for that same populace to understand they can fix their woes by themselves (self-responsibility), the media will react and squash such presentations as it threatens their loss of ‘power’ and ‘control’. It is no coincidence it was this sentence which was removed.

  19. A key sentence to have left out! Taking responsibility for our own health through our personal daily choices is something many people are not really willing to look at, but how much longer can we afford to ignore the fact that we create our own illness and disease? I love Samantha’s comment – taking responsibility for your health “doesn’t need to be a drag”. I too have experienced many realisations about my choices through simply feeling my body and what it is telling me without judgement. This deepens my relationship with myself and I feel much more self appreciation and worth – the impact on how I feel about myself and life has been huge!

  20. A great description of what Universal Medicine presents “Serge presents in detail how our ways of daily living can be ‘our best medicine or our worst poison’ and this engenders personal responsibility for health.” It is interesting to consider what is so shocking about this suggestion, is it merely the fact that people are uncomfortable about considering taking responsibility for their own health. It can be a true joy, no need for it to be a drag…I have experienced it and it feels amazing! And the support this model could have on the health service in the UK as well as worldwide is HUGE.

  21. It is a sad state of affairs but aren’t we all complicit? How often do we let little untruths slip by? Thank you Eunice for your dedication to the truth.

  22. Excellent that this letter was published Eunice, even though they edited out a very important sentence that highlights that the way we are living is causing our illness and disease. It is amazing that this immutable fact is the one they were unable to commit to print.

  23. This was a while ago and I know the discussion of why someone without a degree isn’t taken seriously (or rubbished), especially in the medical fraternity, but, (whilst it’s NOT all well and good for newspapers or individuals to slam Serge Benhayon), has anyone considered the fact he’s been teaching people, including doctors and specialists now for over 10 years to better their understanding of the one thing they of all people are supposed to know better about – the body?

    When, eventually, the media start to appreciate the amount of depth, clarity, pin-point accuracy and consistency with which Serge Benhayon is able to operate with and slowly over time as science continues to prove more and more of what he has delivered, then, may there not only be wide appreciation of this service to humanity, but may the medical institutions of the world be humble enough to open their structures, to allow for this greater medicinal understanding of ourselves in conjunction with what has been laboriously proven already.

  24. I love what you have written here Eunice; Serge presents in detail how our ways of daily living can be ‘our best medicine or our worst poison’. Given that most illness and disease is lifestyle related, it is only a matter of time before conventional medicine adopts this holistic approach. In the meantime there are those who would deny the importance of personal responsibility. It will soon be obvious to all who is taking the best medicine, and who is taking the worst poison.

  25. I Love this article.
    Dr. Malatt actually really offers us something much more here than meets the eye. The reality is that every situation we “find” ourselves in (which is actually where we have put ourselves) is a simple choice in how we perceive it. If we take the time to enjoy, nurture and care for ourselves in everything that we do then there is no need for frustration, anxiety, tension or struggle.
    As Siddhartha Gautama discovered – suffering really is nothing but our own creation.

    1. Well said Simon. Taking that time is about saying yes to that personal responsibility that then has a positive impact on our entire well-being.

  26. In taking responsibility for our own health and well being we are not only supporting the over subscribed conventional Health Service but empowering ourselves to live lives that are more all encompassing. I for one at the age of seventy have never felt healthier and feel greatly supported by the work of Serge Benhayon in finding a way to live life that looks after my body.

  27. We certainly don’t have all the answers as to the dysfunction we are seeing in our health and in society at large. It would be common sense to explore further the rich philosophy of Serge Benhayon, as you say Eunice, the tenets of this are most complementary to our current medical system and we really have nothing to lose in being open to such new possibilities.

  28. Interesting how ‘personal responsibility for health’ is a sentence that some cannot take on board…It is true that it holds a big responsibility, but one that we are well worth taking into consideration and upholding.

  29. Serge Benhayon simply makes perfect sense to me. How can the medical and food industry feel like they have all the answers, when clearly the state of our global health is in tatters?

  30. A very interesting choice of words to be omitted here – it doesn’t seem to make much sense as it really doesn’t reduce the size of the article by very much (in case that’s what they were going for). Anyway, awesomely said Eunice! I love the way you tell it like it is with no holding back. Thank you.

  31. Thanks Eunice for sharing these letters , it is all so easy to turn on something new and confronting as Serge Benhayon has presented with mistrust and slander but it is this very thing we should be looking at to understand our human condition in a world that is not coping with this very condition as is evident by disease, poverty , war, malnutrition , divorce , suicide and so on and on.

  32. I also see that when conventional medicine is included with the esoteric approach as taught by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine, the world will greatly benefit. Indeed we are responsible for our health. I feel this will be included in a new model that medicine will be built on in the future.

  33. What Serge Benhayon presents is actually simple common sense. How often have we written off that cold or flu as just being a ‘bug that goes around’ and not seen it for what it may be showing us about our living choices? While the responsibility in this is confronting for most, it is deeply empowering and very healing when sickness is viewed in this light.

  34. “Serge presents in detail how our ways of daily living can be ‘our best medicine or our worst poison’ and this engenders personal responsibility for health.” I am someone who didn’t want to take responsibility for myself for quite some time and the revelation for me was that when I did start to do so, although some times challenging, ultimately it is actually very enjoyable and empowering…this is the trick we all play on ourselves concerning our health. Let’s celebrate ‘responsibility’ – it is a key that opens up new experiences and the ability to live a more full life. Great that it was published (even with the editing). Thank you.

  35. It is great that the Sun Herald published your letter Eunice even if it was watered down. I feel more people are starting to realize that what you say is true “Modern medicine is not winning and as medical professionals we should have the humility to be open to new paradigms of understanding.” Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have a lot to offer in this regard. Leaving no stone unturned and definitely including personal responsibility for health as a big part of holistic Medicine.

  36. Thank you Eunice, I feel an important principle that is missed, by the ‘paint you all with the same brush’ type journalism, is “that the health and wellbeing of doctors impacts patient outcome”. Or as Plato said, physician heal your self first or, as Serge Benhayon often portrays, we all need to take responsibility for our own health.
    What could be easier than for a journalist to deliver such an ancient truth rather than a concocted sensationalised story to maybe grab a moment of fame or front page notoriety? Have we as a society asked and received and thus accepted this level of reporting in the past?
    I feel I did, until Universal Medicine presentations by Serge Benhayon and now I no longer allow this lack of journalistic integrity with provocative style and head line grabbing tactics to persist, so I am now standing up for truth.

  37. Thank you Eunice for this great letter to the media. I find it astounding that a ‘letter’ has been edited…after all it is a ‘letter’ and should therefore be read in full to allow the reader the full intent and understanding of what the composer of the information is trying to convey. Changing it shows a great lack of respect for the author and how the media appear to feel that they have the ‘right to the last word’ on what people should hear or believe. This is abuse. To change, alter, reinterpret or reduce a letter which is a direct message to all people by a few who have taken that ‘power’ unto themselves is not acceptable.

  38. Wow just outrageous how the SunHerald ‘edited’ your Letter to the Editor- even to the fact of having the authority to cancel out the most important sentence in the whole piece, as well as “a grave mistake” and at the end “if not embraced” as very important parts.

  39. This clearly shows that they (the writers of the Sun Herald newspaper) are genuinely interested in good health and appear to have a fear of people taking self responsibility for their own health and well being, as if suggesting this would undermine their expertise and the health systems that clearly need all the help they can get in the current situation. Thank you Eunice for sharing this, and a thank you to Serge and Universal Medicine for the true healing and self-responsibility that you bring to peoples lives.

  40. It is amazing how Serge can present about modern medicine with such simplicity and truth with many health professionals totally feeling and endorsing what he is saying while the media in their arrogance totally ignore and discount what is being said. What an example of a total lack of personal responsibility on their part.

  41. Thanks for standing up and speaking the truth Eunice. This leads the way and allows others like myself to do the same. It was great that that the Sun Herald published your response but they pretty much castrated it by editing out the most important point of personal responsibility for our health. I guess they found the idea of responsibility, quaint and irrelevant…

  42. I’m constantly amazed by the true workings or should I say manipulations of the media. It’s so very sad.

    1. Yes Elodie, it is sad and disheartening that we can’t trust media. We forever miss out on the complete truth, as it is twisted and modified to feed our comfort.

  43. This letter, its contents of truth and then how it was modified for general publication seems indicative of what goes on in the media. How endemic is censorship to the truth through media? And why? Why isn’t the possibility of a new paradigm of truth at least welcome for discussion in general? Why would people who have committed to caring for people delay any possibility of a truth that can actually help?

    1. Yes a great point Sandra, why indeed? It is common knowledge that there are a number of vested interests in the current healthcare system, preventing what might otherwise result in a more honest appraisal and openness to what is involved in addressing the current approach. Until that is exposed, and the shackles removed, a new paradigm is unlikely to be on the discussion table. Eventually it will be forced however, as the system cannot sustain the current way.

  44. The fact that this one key phrase “…and this engenders personal responsibility for health” was omitted from your letter is evidence in black and white that main stream news media is deeply lacking in reason, common sense and the essential understanding that its one and only job was only ever to report the truth. To this end it seems to fail miserably on a daily basis.

    1. Powerfully put Dean and so true. It is really shocking that such a key sentence that is the core of what Serge Benhayon presents – strongly presented by Eunice in her authority as a highly skilled and experienced medical profession is left out. What calculating and damaging manipulation of the truth to suit an agenda that the editor and paper are hooked into. Is it any wonder that the general public mistrusts journalists and what they read in papers – which is a really sad state of affairs – especially when journalists could be supporting and inspiring people with the truth .

      1. In everyday journalism, from the printed newspaper to the online news feed it’s very interesting to see how normal and acceptable embellished truth is, against how odd, contentious and unacceptable the real truth can be.
        For example, politicians can lie through their teeth every single day – it’s obvious they do, we know it, yet we consider it normal in the sense that we are happy enough to accept it by not doing anything about it (except vent to each other).
        Yet when someone blows the whistle on a misdeed, a corrupt act, a laundering of money, a breaking of a law do we contend it? Yes! Absolutely! Fiercely! How dare someone speak about what’s really going!
        What does this say about us Kate? Why do we guard our convenient truths so deeply and attack the ones that are completely genuine? Do we even recognise the difference or are we so used to it all that we have given up on the idea?

      2. I totally agree with what you have written kate273 and these words in particular jumped out: “manipulation of the truth to suit an agenda”. You can certainly see from the key words that were deliberately left out of Eunice’s letter that this was a blatant attempt to manipulate what the publishers wanted their readers to read. So society once again gets to be played by the media to suit whatever agenda that drives them. Maybe when they begin to realise that many in society are now beginning to dis-trust what is published, these media organisations may have to come out from behind their calculating agendas and begin to publish the truth instead. Then life changing letters like Eunice’s will be on the front page!

      1. In a sense we have also failed them by not speaking up and leaving truth to reporters and journalists rather than seeing it is every single persons responsibility and birthright.

    2. I totally agree Dean, Journalists such as this certainly have failed miserably and brought about such wider-reaching dis-service to the community at large. What could have been of huge benefit to many has been swept aside in favour of diminishing what was offered – what a disgrace.

  45. Eunice, you have succinctly presented why Serge Benhayon offers so much for us all in his presentations and through his work with Universal Medicine. Your words around ‘responsibility’ are powerful and clearly hit a nerve causing the sentence to be edited out. I am grateful that there are members of the medical profession like yourself Eunice, who are open to what Serge is offering them and are applying their new understandings holistically into their personal and professional lives.

  46. The benefits of taking responsibility for our own well being are not only that we feel so much better, they are also economic. If something does not change the demands on national income of the health care system will eventually bankrupt our economies.
    As economics seems to dominate modern politics perhaps it is this awareness that will eventually lead to a governmental promotion of the comprehensive approach to self care that Universal Medicine presents.

    1. Thank you Eunice and Tim, an amazing truth, which underline where humanity is putting its attention. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine delivers or returns us to a responsibility and integrity that we all acquire, by us making free choices to being honest and self-caring.

    2. Yes in fact it is now written into the health directives in government policy across Australia that addressing lifestyle factors has become crucial to turning around the otherwise inevitability of bankruptcy within the health care system. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers is an approach that actually turns this trend around, bringing great awareness to these factors, and the means and ability to make the necessary changes, at an individual level. This must be addressed at a very personal level, which translates to mean that every person must eventually take responsibility for choices made and thus for their health and wellbeing.

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