Holistic Physiotherapy – Patient Testimonials

by Andrew Mooney, BPthy (Hons), Physiotherapist, Cornwall, UK

The following are testimonials from people who have received Physiotherapy treatment from a practitioner who has been inspired by Universal Medicine to bring an all encompassing holistic approach to how they live, work and practice medicine.  None of these clients are students of Universal Medicine. However, the testimonials demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits to patients who are in receipt of this form of physiotherapy expertly delivered by Andrew.   

“Thanks so much for your help and guidance over this year. You’ve helped me to find a new direction in my life.”

J, 2010

“I have been treated by Andrew Mooney over the last few months and the results have been great. Andrew explains all that is going on and what he is doing to treat my injury. He has helped me from both a physical and mental perspective too.”

K, 2010

“I’m pleased to say that things are more or less back to normal with the foot in that I’m back to my usual exercise routine. The breathing technique and all the other invaluable tips were really helpful.”

M, 2011

“Andrew has treated me for the last three years with a chronic back problem, during which my condition has improved greatly. No other Physiotherapist has come close to achieving the results that Andrew has, using a combination of both standard techniques and breathing control exercises, which have reduced my need for weekly treatment and allowed me to manage my own condition. Andrew is able to look beyond the existing issues and drill right to the core of long term problems. A great guy, deep lateral thinker and top drawer Physio.”

A, 2011

“Thank you for all your help this year in my recovery. My shoulder is just like new. Thank you for teaching me the breathing techniques – a truly beneficial exercise.”

L, 2011

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and care you have given me. “

M, 2010

“I wanted to write to say thank you for everything over the last 18 months. The ACL reconstruction was always going to be a life-changing experience for me but you have shown me that Physiotherapy is far more than a few exercises! You’ve been patient and encouraging all the way through, and have (softly) pushed me further than I could have hoped to have gone! I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I ever have, and I’ve even found a passion for the gym! I have always been impressed at how you could pin point the cause of my pain, even when it seemed totally unrelated to the problem, and could fix me when I’d gone too far.”

R, 2011

“Andrew is a skilled practitioner trained both in traditional medicine/physiotherapy as well as esoteric medicine. He is courteous and professional – you never feel that Andrew is taking advantage. He would rather forgo additional business than try to suggest more frequent treatment than is necessary. Above all, he always treats patients in a gentle, respectful and soothing manner. It is rare to find a balance of expertise with the appropriate demeanour that Andrew offers.

I first started seeing Andrew for my neck and back. The results were literally amazing. I have visited other Physiotherapists and even chiropractors for the same issues over the last 10 + years with much less success: I thought I would never get better.

After employing traditional Physiotherapy methods, Andrew – responding to my curiosity as to the source of his calmness and without his pressuring me at all – slowly introduced me to the gentle breathing exercises and Chakra-puncture. This was no small feat, as I have a science background and have always been sceptical of non-traditional medicine. I have not embraced other areas of alternative medicine but now I do appreciate the value of certain forms of esoteric medicine.

I still have physical deformities that only my surgery can cure, and I still work a hectic job with frequent long-haul travel. However, after being treated by Andrew, I generally feel much healthier and happier. Andrew has fixed the misalignment of my body and also helped me clear my mind.

I have referred a number of friends and colleagues to see Andrew, and everyone is very pleased. And whilst we are all different people with different physical ailments and different personalities, Andrew has been able to reach us all and treat each of us effectively. It is as though we have all been recharged!”

C, 2011

“Thanks so much for helping me get back on my feet. You’ve got such a brilliant holistic approach and have really helped to dispel my lingering distrust in any kind of therapist.”

D, 2011

“I have been a patient of Mr Andrew Mooney for some four years, during which time he has treated a long-standing back injury, a longer-standing knee injury and a troublesome shoulder.

I have nothing but praise for the professional and effective way in which Andrew has managed my various ‘complaints’. After some 15 years of numerous treatments elsewhere, he quickly diagnosed the issues with my back and provided treatment that not only brought the pain and discomfort under control but which has gone a long way to fully ameliorating the problem.

After almost 20 years of knee trouble, it was Andrew that directed me to the best possible surgical intervention and has then provided first class remedial Physiotherapy.

In addition to traditional Physiotherapy manipulations, that successfully address immediate symptoms, Andrew has also provided a series of core treatments including Chakra-puncture, connective tissue therapy and breathing techniques that have had a long term and seemingly lasting benefit in terms of my overall skeletal and muscular health.

I have no hesitation from the perspective of a very satisfied patient, in recommending Andrew and his wide-ranging skills, to both those who have struggled with long term and deep seated physical issues and others seeking immediate relief and remediation of  injuries.”

S, 2011

“I have been attending the Covent Garden Physiotherapy Clinic for nearly a year now and am very satisfied with their high level of treatment and professionalism. I am particularly  grateful to my Physiotherapist, Andrew Mooney, who has not only helped enormously to improve my persistent neck and back complaint but he has also assisted me through an exceptionally stressful time recently. He has shown me true empathy throughout my treatment and has also introduced me to Chakra-puncture and taught me the benefits of holistic care, which has enabled me to cope better – as well as resulting in a good night’s sleep! I would therefore like to convey a big thank you to Andrew.”

L, 2010

“I am most grateful for your assistance over the years with a number of patients, some of whom have been quite challenging.”

Mr JN, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, 2011

“Thanks for all your help. Your professionalism and skills are much appreciated. Thanks for our chats over the last year or so, you have really helped me through some dark times.”

K, 2010

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to solve the mystery of my back. Thank you for introducing me to the esoteric side of life and your support in recent weeks.”

A, 2011

“I can fully recommend Andrew for his skill, expertise and professionalism. Naturally I was apprehensive at the start of treatment but his approach was very reassuring and calming. Though he has now ‘cured’ me I shall have to return if only for one of his beautiful massages!”

G, 2011

“Andrew makes you feel very relaxed and explains everything really well. Delighted how quickly it was before I felt much better. Would recommend to anyone who is in pain.”

P, 2011

“Thank you for fixing me and changing my life.”

D, 2011

“Life saver!  I have seen many osteopaths and sports massage specialists and no-one could fix my lower back. The holistic approach that Andrew employs is really effective. I now have my life back and as someone who surfs and plays many sports, I am very grateful.”

K, 2012

“Very effective treatment. Great calm guy to be treated by. Everything  is always explained well. I always feel refreshed after. I would definitely come back in the future.”

T, 2012

“Excellent holistic treatment. Thank you! Resulted in instant improvements. Would definitely recommend.”

P, 2012

“Very friendly, calm and approachable clinic. Highly recommendable”

R, 2012

“Comprehensive and holistic treatment made a welcome and effective improvement. NHS physiotherapy had not succeeded where this clinic did.”

S, 2012

233 thoughts on “Holistic Physiotherapy – Patient Testimonials

  1. There must be something rather noteworthy in how and what you communicate with your patients Andrew, as so many have noted they were impressed with how you were able to explain what was going on for them.

    1. Thanks Deanne. Testimonials and anecdotal evidence are often considered poor quality evidence compared to randomised control trials when it comes to research and evidence based medicine but when you read a list of testimonials like this it is a great body of real evidence and a factual account of someone’s experience which is what research in my opinion is all about. As you say when you read through the list it is easy to spot a trend going on and leads to the question of ‘ok what is going on here that is different to the average Physiotherapy treatment?’ Maybe this is worth investigating further?

  2. Wow- these testimonials carry so much respect, appreciation and openness towards you Andrew and three years on there are no doubt many more people that have benefited from your combined approach to treatment. Testimonials reporting positive treatment outcomes impress and inspire me as it demonstrates you are an excellent physiotherapist and deeply loving.

  3. Andrew I love how you present this, it confirms that using a combination of traditional physiotherapy with the principles of esoteric healing and techniques really works.

  4. Thanks jsnelgrove36. Yes I have always ‘cared’ for people and always wanted to help but it has been only in the past 9 years or so that I have realised that I can only truly care for another person if I learn to take deep care for myself.

  5. What shines through in these testimonials is the care you show towards your clients, Andrew and now from being a student of Universal Medicine and my understanding of true care I can see this is possible because of the care you must bring to yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Andrew all these testimonials speak volumes of the true care and quality you bring to your treatments, people being met for who they are and the beautiful way in which the esoteric modalities tie so well with traditional medical therapies. This is most definitely the way of the future now!

  7. Andrew thank you for sharing some of your patients’ comments with us, I am sure there are lots more very grateful clients. It really shows how much you care for them as individuals, and your service to humanity, as you clearly see this as a deep service, giving a client the opportunity to understand the true cause rather than giving a client a quick fix.

    1. Thanks Sally yes this is just a snapshot of many more testimonials that are building a library of evidence (along with a growing number of other health professionals) that shows that delivering a true service of care (based on a foundation of self-care in health professionals themselves) in health care works.

  8. Thanks Samantha. Yes this way of working is a completely different level of care for people who need support. You could say that esoteric medicine has put the ‘care’ back into healthcare!

  9. The effect that you have had on these patients’ lives is truly extraordinary, shown by these amazing testaments. It is clear that the healing support that esoteric modalities provide, combined with conventional physiotherapy, along with such a caring practitioner, is remarkable and well deserved of the high praise and appreciation expressed.

  10. What I noticed while reading through your great testimonials was the number of people who attended with physical problems who stated that not only had you healed their ailment or pain but their lives had changed and they felt they had been given tools to continue this healing/change themselves and/or felt so supported and cared for by you and that which you were able to share during sessions, that they felt able to deal better with other issues. This just goes to show what a combined approach of esoteric healing principles and techniques along with traditional physiotherapy in an all encompassing holistic approach, along with your deep caring and gentleness can achieve in supporting someone to truly heal.

    1. I agree Rosemary that life is medicine and this means all of one’s life. I feel in the medical industry we have to get away from this compartmentalisation way of looking at illness and disease where we only look at one small part of someone’s life or body rather than supporting the whole. Esoteric medicine does this very well.

  11. Thank you for this awesome sharing Andrew, what a delight it was to read how these people now feel after having you treat them. I could really feel the deep connections you have made with your clients and how fully each one of them felt met by you. Very inspiring to read.

    1. Yes shellyjones44 I have often wondered if one of the keys to healing is connection and maybe this ingredient is far more important than we currently acknowledge in medicine and far more powerful than any fancy technique, medicine or knowledge?

  12. Andrew thank you for sharing your testimonials, it is great to see how treating the body as a whole and connecting to the true essence of the clients, has supported them to be open to their own healing. It is great how many of them have found the gentle breathing very supportive as well. It is beautiful how you were able to bring in chakra puncture to support the healing process, this is an amazing modality which really supports the healing process.

    1. Absolutely Amita. I did/do not heal any of my clients. They heal themselves with my support. Chakra-puncture supports people to re-connect to their inner most, which is where they get to feel who they truly are and begin the healing process, which is a discarding of who they are not.

  13. It felt clear to me in reading these testimonials Andrew, that you have a very natural, gentle and caring way with your patients. These people felt like they were very much supported simply by the way you are, and then the other helpful modalities you are able to offer. Being able to meet and connect with people is integral in the healing process, and it seems that is a very powerful part of what you offer. Well-deserved appreciation, Andrew.

    1. Thanks Amelia and yes this approach is actually the opposite in a way to how we are traditionally trained as therapists. Most conventional medical training these days is all about what knowledge you can learn or what techniques you can learn to help people. Very much focussed on what you can DO for someone. But as you pointed out these testimonial show that how we ARE we someone is far more powerful then what we actually do, and how we ARE with a client is very much dependent on how we live in and outside the clinic. The Livingness of any practitioner is a great support (or hindrance) to true healing taking place.

  14. Great to read your testimonials again Andrew. What stood out this time were the number of people mentioning the word gentle. We often hear people describe physiotherapy by using words such as tough, brutal, hard and painful. You are breaking down the consciousness around physiotherapy in the way you practise. This is amazing!!!

    1. Absolutely Jane. I was just thinking about this the other day. That at University as Physios we are literally trained to push and shove the body back into some kind of shape. The whole philosophy is based around breaking down tension or stiffness or restriction with some kind of force. We are trained to try hard. What if it was about allowing, supporting and inspiring the body rather than pushing hard?

      1. That is what I can feel you inspire in your clients Andrew. They feel like they are completely confirmed by you that this approach is actually okay. After all, pushing hard has become so normal, so having permission and a reflection, as you offer, to allow and surrender is a blessing in itself.

  15. WOW! I want to book in today! Beautiful to have such heartfelt testimonies Andrew. Your bringing a much needed light to the medical world.

  16. There is nothing better than to be treated and honoured as the whole person you are. I have had a very similar experience to that of Andrew’s patients. Nothing worked; each chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathic session was great, but left me coming back with the same ailments. I then started going to esoteric practitioners, without any expectation that they would fix anything and now I realise all those ailments are gone.
    I feel like in many ways I have learned to treat myself. I feel very empowered by this.

    1. Thank you Amanda for sharing your story and experiences from the client’s perspective! How amazing to go from being completely reliant on practitioners to ‘fix’ you and keep you going to understanding that we actually heal ourselves every day in how we live. Very empowering and very preventative. Sure we need support, inspiration and guidance but the moment I realised as a practitioner that in truth I am not the one doing the healing but just facilitating the client’s own healing, it took an enormous pressure off me and my clients.

  17. Andrew, thank you for sharing these wonderful testimonials, they are certainly a confirmation of the healing support you give your clients who come to you with all sorts of issues and from all walks of life. Such a strong confirmation of your approach to healing, and to what the union of conventional medicine and Esoteric Medicine can produce. The world needs more Andrew Mooneys!

    1. Thanks Ingrid. You touch on something important here. Before I explored this approach to my work I used to dread and fear those clients who were complex, had psycho-social issues or were just not straightforward physical problems! I know many other Physiotherapists hold this same fear having spoken with many over the years. But once I understood how energy works and started combing the esoteric medicine approach with my Physiotherapy I no longer feared what might walk in my door next but actually now really enjoy treating the complex patients. It is actually fascinating how we have all chosen slightly different paths to illness and disease and unravelling these can be very rewarding for both the client and the practitioner when done with love and understanding and true respect.

      1. Andrew, I appreciate you taking the time to expand on your approach to your work and how you have released the previous fears you held around what the patient with the complex issues was bringing with them, and that now you enjoy them walking through your door. That is so inspiring. You have given me a deeper understanding of the amazing healing that you are now able to offer your patients – a heart-felt thank you

  18. Hi Andrew it is amazing to read the testimonials – your abilty to connect and support your clients is inspiring.

    1. Thanks nicolesjardin and the amazing part is that the more I connect to and support my clients, the more connected to me I feel and the more supported I feel, with less anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

  19. Hi Andrew, It was beautiful to read these testimonials and to feel all that you offer, and how you have changed their lives – not holding back. And the importance of esoteric modalities combined in the recovery regime, seemed to be very beneficial, calming and well-received.

    1. Thank you ariannekasi. I am still learning not to hold back but when we get reflections back to us like these testimonials it is great inspiration that shows us all what is and might be possible if we did not hold back what we feel and what we know.

  20. I too have found that the only way to be authentic with patients is to be connected to myself first and then with them as a person, the condition is second. They feel really met by that, and then you can walk it with them. Someone once said don’t ever give advice unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. When you truly observe along side their journey like this they form their own advice, even better. Great testimonials Andrew, lovely to see them again.

    1. I can feel the equality in what you have said Shirley-Ann Walters. Approaching health care and healing as a partnership or a team approach with the patient and the health professional on equal footing is so important. Rather than the traditional model of practitioner knows best and patient just hands over all responsibility for fixing their condition.

  21. No better living proof than this Andrew. I can feel that your care, holding and true connection with the client is paramount to everything you do and this comes clear through everyone of these testimonials. Thank you for sharing, true inspiration.

  22. Thanks for sharing these testimonials Andrew. It is so lovely to hear the positive impact your practice of a combination of traditional physiotherapy and esoteric medicine is having on people’s lives.

  23. These testimonials show something much deeper than just people happy with the results – that their ailment has now reduced or healed. There was a consistent thread of people appreciating not just the medical support, but also the emotional and mental support that it not always there for people when visiting a consultant – it’s normally just about the ailment rather than the person. It just goes to show that there is space for the people beneath life’s situations and why shouldn’t there be, we are after all all a part of those situations. It was inspiring to read how you have been able to introduce the human factor and connection into your work and not make it solely about ‘the work/job’. Thank you Andrew.

    1. Thanks leighmatson yes what I have slowly come to realise (still a work in progress) is that it makes such a difference to the quality of my health care if I connect to the person needing support first and then consider the ailment or condition second. I was trained to do it the other way around at university and for many years practised as if patients were conditions not people. Having tried both, my patients and so clearly prefer the former over the latter.

  24. Impressive testimonials Andrew. It shows the true strength of combining traditional physiotherapy and esoteric medicine. And the effect of your livingness is between all the lines of course:-).

    1. Thanks Willem Plandsoen. Yes something I have discovered with inspiration from universal medicine, is that in health care it is impossible to fake ‘care’. It is not something you can just switch on at work if in the rest of your life there is no care for yourself or others. Sure you can pretend to care, want to care or feel duty bound to care but it will always lack a true depth of quality or genuineness if there is no livingness of self care underneath it as its foundation.

  25. The testimonials given here and the true appreciation received from your patients are wonderful recommendations for not only the standard of physiotherapy given, but to the holistic approach they received from you. Beautiful, Andrew.

  26. Wow Andrew, these are quite some testimonials. It goes to show that esoteric modalities and mainstream medicine can go hand in hand to achieve some amazing results.

    1. Thanks Marcia. Yes I agree it is living proof and there is mounting evidence from many other practitioners as well as myself now, that shows beyond a doubt that this approach works well and in a way previously unseen in modern medicine.

  27. I am struck by how powerful combining the esoteric medicine and conventional medicine can be, we can see it here in these awesome testimonials. It leaves no question for me about how to offer support to society and where I would go to seek support.

    1. Absolutely Samantha Davidson there is no doubt for me that combining esoteric medicine and conventional medicine together really works and provides the depth of care and support that we all really want and need and deserve.

  28. Beautiful to read – thank you Andrew for sharing. What stood out for me was how the main theme of genuine appreciation was for how your clients felt their lives had changed, through being touched by your loving care and holistic approach to them and their well-being. Amazing work you are doing Andrew.

  29. This is beautiful Andrew, I can feel the care and dedication you provide to your clients and the trusting relationships that are developed is being returned to you 4 fold through these expressions of love. You are “top drawer” Andrew – Love it.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. It was an amazingly confirming experience to collate these testimonials and feel the deep appreciation that my clients expressed. It really shows that we all want more true care and love in our lives, we innately know it when we feel it and we all know that currently this love is missing from most aspects of life.

  30. These are testimonials not only to the quality of care that Andrew works with but also the effectiveness of the duo of Physiotherapy and Esoteric Medicine combined. Keep them coming, I am sure lots more people would be grateful.

    1. Thanks Bernard. Yes there are plenty more examples of how esoteric medicine and Physiotherapy work together to provide the very best quality of care for people in need of support.

  31. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. There’s no sense in an industry under immense pressure to ignore this level of feedback. May the anecdotal evidence be counted often and for long enough to satisfy the medical crowd – who seem to be stuck on needing scientific proof.

    1. I agree Oliver Hallock that evidence based medicine has been narrowed down into meaning only evidence from sponsored randomised controlled studies that make it into a scientific journal but really evidence can and should mean everything we feel and observe as the truth in medicine and this includes the wealth and breadth of anecdotal evidence that is available.

  32. There is no better guide to the success of combining esoteric medicine with physiotherapy than the testimonials of the patients being treated. The underlying theme in all these testimonials was the personal touch that each patient experienced and the delivery of a new way of approaching the body that puts the long term care at the foremost of the treatment given. When I have attended physiotherapy in the past it has always been from the point of view of just fix me, I now understand the importance of treating the whole and addressing the underlying cause of the issue, from there it will less likely occur, Andrew is leading the way in combining these modalities to have just such an effect.

    1. Thanks Stephen G. Yes for many years I was a Physio who strove to ‘fix’ whatever problem walked through my door. I meant well because like almost everyone in the medical professions we genuinely want to help people. The problem is that people are not just an arm or a leg or even a body, human beings are multi-dimensional, so as long as I stuck to the one dimensional approach of trying to come up with some kind of quick solution to increasingly more and more complex problems, I could feel there was immense pressure and expectation on me as a practitioner and very little responsibility taken by the client. This was incredibly exhausting. I also started to notice that many clients did not play by the rules that they assured me at university would work and many of my conventional treatments were simply not effective long term on their own. It was only when I started to combine conventional physiotherapy techniques with esoteric medicine that things really started to change for both me and my clients.

      1. I find it amazing how even you can feel the difference when you mix the two modalities together. Striving to the fix the problem I too have found never works but when I have looked behind the painful area it improves dramatically.

  33. Thanks Andrew – it’s great to hear people’s experience of chakrapuncture and the benefits that they feel, which seem so much greater than just helping the disorder they first showed up with.

    1. Thank you Andrew and Annie. This blog highlights many areas of health care that can benefit from simple approaches. Being responsible as a self-nurturing practitioner brings an integrity which benefits all clients. Serge Benhayon is a man who walks and talks with an integrity and responsibility that is second to none.

  34. I really found it supportive and very confirming reading your testimonials Andrew, particularly as I am studying Chakra-Puncture. It’s wonderful to read that many commented on how the treatments supported them holistically, addressing mental and emotional concerns, alongside the specific physical complaint. There is an improvement in the whole person not just the body part that needed attention. Keep it up!

    1. Yes Melinda I have found also when practising chakra-puncture that due to the holistic and all encompassing nature of all the esoteric modalities, the person may have initially come because of one issue but naturally find that changes occur for the better in other aspects of their life and even some they may not have expected or thought of previously!

    2. This holistic approach you are talking about Melinda I found very fascinating as well. We can’t just treat one part of the body and ignore the rest of it. This can’t work. We can only treat the whole person, on all levels.

  35. Refreshing to hear some testimonials from people who have perhaps had no background or connection with Esoteric Medicine. They further confirm the need society has for further understanding into why we are the way we are.

    1. Absolutely Elodie, it makes no difference whether you have been to a Universal Medicine presentation or not, whether you have heard of esoteric medicine or not, we are all esoteric naturally because we all have an inner essence that is inter-connected with everyone and we all recognise how amazing it feels when we are re-connected back to that essence.

  36. Reading your testimonials was awe inspiring Andrew. It allowed me to understand what it is to serve at a much deeper and more connected level. It was also wonderful that your patients were also able to feel and connect to what you were offering them, and that so many were willing to open themselves up to the possibility that there is another way to live life that is all embracing and honouring of our body. You are an amazing example of the Universal Man, I feel.

    1. Thanks Susan, yes I was a little surprised at first I have to admit just how many of my clients were so open and ready for this approach to healing and life. I can remember the day I went into my clinic (after one of Serge Benhayon’s inspiring courses) and said ok that’s it, enough of the old ways of working, from this day on I am not going to hold back what I innately know and feel any more in my work. I was a little apprehensive about this but the immediate response from people was so amazing and the results of treatment were so profound that I knew it was the way forward.

  37. Thank you Andrew for sharing the amazing testimonials with us. The world needs to know that there is another way – a necessary and liberating way that helps us take full responsibility and work WITH our practitioners, rather than expecting them to ‘fix’ us. You are very inspiring Andrew, supporting yourself with living lovingly, so you then can support your clients to live a life more in line with who they truly are, with harmony and true self care and self love.

    1. Yes imagine if we all lived in a way that took responsibility for our decisions in life and understood that any physical condition is a direct outplay of those decisions so that when we did need support we were actually fully open to that support and not just wanting the medical practitioner to take that responsibility on for us.

  38. Hi Andrew, apart form being an awesome physiotherapist these testimonials show the true benefit of the marriage between conventional medicine and esoteric healing brought together by the biggest medicine of all..the way we live. And the way you live is what your clients are reflecting in these beautiful testimonials.

    1. Thank you Carolien. Yes the way we live is indeed the greatest form of medicine there is and the more I am slowly understanding what this really means, the more I am able to offer my clients.

  39. It’s clear by all of these testimonials that Andrew displays an exceptional quality of working as a physiotherapist and truly helps people to understand their trouble/pain and then treats them holistically with the utmost care. A great example of how Esoteric Therapies and a more conventional therapy like Physio can complement each other and truly benefit the patient. This should be in all medical journals..world wide!

    1. Absolutely agree Harry that this approach combining true holistic care with conventional medicine needs to be studied and examined as it has so much potential and may just be the answer to our current health care crises.

  40. What awesome testimonials/ feedback from your clients that you have treated Andrew, showing that conventional physio & esoteric modalities work well together resulting in true holistic healing.

  41. What is common in all of these testimonials is a feeling in the words of the patients that they have been treated, not just their ailments. That people feel this deep care and respect is the greatest testament to your way and your work Andrew.

    1. Thank you Joseph. Yes when I learned to connect to people more rather than just treating their condition as a problem that needed to be solved, the quality of my health – care improved dramatically and these testimonials show that people are asking for this level of care in the health industry.

    2. Absolutely Joseph, I can feel this too reading the testimonials, ‘That people feel this deep care and respect is the greatest testament to your way and your work Andrew.’

    1. And so clearly works on every level, supporting healing physically, mentally and emotionally. The whole person is taken into account, not just one aspect.

      1. Spot on Fiona, the whole person is taken into account, not just one aspect. To me it feels like working in 3D instead of 2D, even though it is of course more than that too, and I find that is a good way of explaining to people why it feels more all encompassing.

    2. It’s that simple. With friends in the medical profession who aren’t subject to the Esoteric, each of their questions that come-up in friendly debate or even polite dinner conversation, are what’s discussed at length and work-shopped over and over again within Serge’s presentations.

    1. I totally agree Patricia, I can attest to that as well. My life has been so enriched and has opened up in the most beautiful way thanks to the amazing Universal Medicine practitioners. I am forever deeply appreciative and humbled by these amazing modalities we have been given at this time in our evolution – and very timely too, as our health – or more so, the lack of health – is quite staggering.

  42. Your integrity in what you do stood out for me in these comments along with your holistic approach to treating people – I could feel the calmness in the comments obviously a reflection of you and your imprint on them. Beautiful Andrew lovely to read.

    1. Thank you caobrien, you have touched on something important here. How often do we associate medical appointments with stress, anxiety and being rushed? So imagine the value there is in seeing a medical professional and feeling calm, still and rested during and afterwards?

  43. These are a great example of the very common and normal response people have to the esoteric modalities: chakrapuncture; connective tissue; sacred esoteric healing; esoteric massage with the overall treatment enhanced by the knowledge and skills you bring as a physiotherapist.

    This is the ultimate form of health care where your clients are being supported by the biomedical understanding and physical therapy skills and knowledge you have grounded in your understanding of the body as more than physical and the esoteric principles and lived understanding of healing.

    1. Thank you Andrew and Rebecca, as two amazing examples of what an esoteric health care practitioner can do when working in conjunction with the medical system, your case studies should be front page news. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have always presented is that all esoteric healing modalities are complementary to conventional medicine.

      1. Absolutely Greg. These case studies and the many more that I am sure exist from the many practitioners now combining esoteric and conventional health care should be studied as they represent a quantum shift in the way we take care of people’s health.

    2. I totally agree Rebecca. The response to the esoteric modalities and approach to health care could be considered remarkable and perhaps compared to how I used to work it could be considered this way, but it is in fact normal and it is a return to an ancient way of caring and supporting people’s health that we have forgotten and left behind.

      1. Thank you Andrew, understanding that humanity is getting more ill and actually need the help of professionals like yourself who provide an effective way to facilitate their clients own healing through a loving approach. Keep up the testimonials!

      2. As you say Andrew, it is in fact normal to care for each other in this way as the testimonials so clearly portray. You are one of the forerunners that bring this way of caring back to humanity and it is well received as the testimonials so clearly demonstrate.

  44. Dear Andrew,
    Reading these testimonials, the constant flavor is that of treating the whole person, not just the physical problem that they present with. The way that you are approaching this is beautiful. In the comments from your clients, I can feel the absolute love and honour that you feel for them – knowing deeply their inner essence. Then going about dealing with the dis-ease that their bodies present with. But never in a way that doesn’t see the person as the whole divine person that they are. I have learnt much from reading these testimonials this morning. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Leigh. What I understood further from reading your comment is that no matter what our profession, it is about relationships and people first – connecting to the person and their essence and then bringing whatever skills we have learnt or studied to help in a practical way. This can be applied to any job or profession not just health care.

    2. I agree, beautifully said Leigh. It’s like the warmth in their words is what they have felt in Andrew. The ailments they came with seem to take second stage to the care that they feel with him.

  45. Hi Andrew thank you for sharing these testimonials , they are living proof of your livingness and what that brings to your clients as a physiotherapist.

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