Holistic Physiotherapy – Patient Testimonials

by Andrew Mooney, BPthy (Hons), Physiotherapist, Cornwall, UK

The following are testimonials from people who have received Physiotherapy treatment from a practitioner who has been inspired by Universal Medicine to bring an all encompassing holistic approach to how they live, work and practice medicine.  None of these clients are students of Universal Medicine. However, the testimonials demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits to patients who are in receipt of this form of physiotherapy expertly delivered by Andrew.   

“Thanks so much for your help and guidance over this year. You’ve helped me to find a new direction in my life.”

J, 2010

“I have been treated by Andrew Mooney over the last few months and the results have been great. Andrew explains all that is going on and what he is doing to treat my injury. He has helped me from both a physical and mental perspective too.”

K, 2010

“I’m pleased to say that things are more or less back to normal with the foot in that I’m back to my usual exercise routine. The breathing technique and all the other invaluable tips were really helpful.”

M, 2011

“Andrew has treated me for the last three years with a chronic back problem, during which my condition has improved greatly. No other Physiotherapist has come close to achieving the results that Andrew has, using a combination of both standard techniques and breathing control exercises, which have reduced my need for weekly treatment and allowed me to manage my own condition. Andrew is able to look beyond the existing issues and drill right to the core of long term problems. A great guy, deep lateral thinker and top drawer Physio.”

A, 2011

“Thank you for all your help this year in my recovery. My shoulder is just like new. Thank you for teaching me the breathing techniques – a truly beneficial exercise.”

L, 2011

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and care you have given me. “

M, 2010

“I wanted to write to say thank you for everything over the last 18 months. The ACL reconstruction was always going to be a life-changing experience for me but you have shown me that Physiotherapy is far more than a few exercises! You’ve been patient and encouraging all the way through, and have (softly) pushed me further than I could have hoped to have gone! I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I ever have, and I’ve even found a passion for the gym! I have always been impressed at how you could pin point the cause of my pain, even when it seemed totally unrelated to the problem, and could fix me when I’d gone too far.”

R, 2011

“Andrew is a skilled practitioner trained both in traditional medicine/physiotherapy as well as esoteric medicine. He is courteous and professional – you never feel that Andrew is taking advantage. He would rather forgo additional business than try to suggest more frequent treatment than is necessary. Above all, he always treats patients in a gentle, respectful and soothing manner. It is rare to find a balance of expertise with the appropriate demeanour that Andrew offers.

I first started seeing Andrew for my neck and back. The results were literally amazing. I have visited other Physiotherapists and even chiropractors for the same issues over the last 10 + years with much less success: I thought I would never get better.

After employing traditional Physiotherapy methods, Andrew – responding to my curiosity as to the source of his calmness and without his pressuring me at all – slowly introduced me to the gentle breathing exercises and Chakra-puncture. This was no small feat, as I have a science background and have always been sceptical of non-traditional medicine. I have not embraced other areas of alternative medicine but now I do appreciate the value of certain forms of esoteric medicine.

I still have physical deformities that only my surgery can cure, and I still work a hectic job with frequent long-haul travel. However, after being treated by Andrew, I generally feel much healthier and happier. Andrew has fixed the misalignment of my body and also helped me clear my mind.

I have referred a number of friends and colleagues to see Andrew, and everyone is very pleased. And whilst we are all different people with different physical ailments and different personalities, Andrew has been able to reach us all and treat each of us effectively. It is as though we have all been recharged!”

C, 2011

“Thanks so much for helping me get back on my feet. You’ve got such a brilliant holistic approach and have really helped to dispel my lingering distrust in any kind of therapist.”

D, 2011

“I have been a patient of Mr Andrew Mooney for some four years, during which time he has treated a long-standing back injury, a longer-standing knee injury and a troublesome shoulder.

I have nothing but praise for the professional and effective way in which Andrew has managed my various ‘complaints’. After some 15 years of numerous treatments elsewhere, he quickly diagnosed the issues with my back and provided treatment that not only brought the pain and discomfort under control but which has gone a long way to fully ameliorating the problem.

After almost 20 years of knee trouble, it was Andrew that directed me to the best possible surgical intervention and has then provided first class remedial Physiotherapy.

In addition to traditional Physiotherapy manipulations, that successfully address immediate symptoms, Andrew has also provided a series of core treatments including Chakra-puncture, connective tissue therapy and breathing techniques that have had a long term and seemingly lasting benefit in terms of my overall skeletal and muscular health.

I have no hesitation from the perspective of a very satisfied patient, in recommending Andrew and his wide-ranging skills, to both those who have struggled with long term and deep seated physical issues and others seeking immediate relief and remediation of  injuries.”

S, 2011

“I have been attending the Covent Garden Physiotherapy Clinic for nearly a year now and am very satisfied with their high level of treatment and professionalism. I am particularly  grateful to my Physiotherapist, Andrew Mooney, who has not only helped enormously to improve my persistent neck and back complaint but he has also assisted me through an exceptionally stressful time recently. He has shown me true empathy throughout my treatment and has also introduced me to Chakra-puncture and taught me the benefits of holistic care, which has enabled me to cope better – as well as resulting in a good night’s sleep! I would therefore like to convey a big thank you to Andrew.”

L, 2010

“I am most grateful for your assistance over the years with a number of patients, some of whom have been quite challenging.”

Mr JN, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, 2011

“Thanks for all your help. Your professionalism and skills are much appreciated. Thanks for our chats over the last year or so, you have really helped me through some dark times.”

K, 2010

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to solve the mystery of my back. Thank you for introducing me to the esoteric side of life and your support in recent weeks.”

A, 2011

“I can fully recommend Andrew for his skill, expertise and professionalism. Naturally I was apprehensive at the start of treatment but his approach was very reassuring and calming. Though he has now ‘cured’ me I shall have to return if only for one of his beautiful massages!”

G, 2011

“Andrew makes you feel very relaxed and explains everything really well. Delighted how quickly it was before I felt much better. Would recommend to anyone who is in pain.”

P, 2011

“Thank you for fixing me and changing my life.”

D, 2011

“Life saver!  I have seen many osteopaths and sports massage specialists and no-one could fix my lower back. The holistic approach that Andrew employs is really effective. I now have my life back and as someone who surfs and plays many sports, I am very grateful.”

K, 2012

“Very effective treatment. Great calm guy to be treated by. Everything  is always explained well. I always feel refreshed after. I would definitely come back in the future.”

T, 2012

“Excellent holistic treatment. Thank you! Resulted in instant improvements. Would definitely recommend.”

P, 2012

“Very friendly, calm and approachable clinic. Highly recommendable”

R, 2012

“Comprehensive and holistic treatment made a welcome and effective improvement. NHS physiotherapy had not succeeded where this clinic did.”

S, 2012

234 thoughts on “Holistic Physiotherapy – Patient Testimonials

  1. When I was in my 50’s, I was advised to have corrective surgery on my lower spine and the physiotherapist I was seeing at the time advised me not to have the surgery because they had seen too many patients that then had problems afterwards. So I declined the surgery and suffered the pain in my lower back hip and leg. Then I came across Universal Medicine and started to heal myself, the side effect if you like of healing my hurts absorbed since childhood was that my back became less painful and I was able to go walking again without suffering from the pain. Universal Medicine has supported me to live in a way that is mostly pain free.

  2. Reading these testimonials to me, are qualitative evidence that complementary therapies have a place in healing or recovery of a patient’s condition.

    I recall reading one client stating that they require corrective surgery, and the sessions he has had with you Andrew, have assisted them in many ways than the physicality. And to go and refer others, is evident that the service you have provided assisted them when others were unable to do so.

  3. These testimonies are worth gold Andrew, so much more valuable than some statistical approach that I always suspect has been manipulated. I personally have tried many physiotherapists over the years but none of the treatments were so effective as the ones that I have received from yourself.

    1. Yes I agree Doug you can’t beat lived real experience and testimonies from people. This kind of evidence cannot be refuted or denied and gives a much richer and deeper picture of what is occurring than stats alone.

  4. Beatuiful to read these testimonials Andrew, and to feel the depth of appreciation for you and your clinic, along with the deep level of integrity and care that you offer everyone who comes through your door. It’s plain to see that you are offering so much more with this way of working than simply treating the physical ailments that people come in with, with profound and lasting results.

  5. These testimonials demonstrate that the quality of care we can deliver as health practitioners to our clients in addition to our already excellent medical skills and knowledge is greatly enhanced by the way we live and care for ourselves as people in our every day lives both at work and away from work.

    1. People can feel ‘quality of care’. They just know it when someone is treating with roughness and when someone is treating with loving care. I personally have been on the receiving end of both.

      I can also feel how when we are not ourselves how this impacts others and can leave a lasting imprint. It begs attention to everything we do for our clients, patients and humanity.

  6. Amazing proof that to truly help the body is more than just physical manipulation but requires a more whole-body and holistic approach to our health and well-being – that is when the big changes occur.

    1. Most physio that I have had, apart from those from Andrew, were simply as you describe a physical manipulation that just treats the one affected part of the body. Physiotherapy could learn so much from studying Andrew’s whole body approach.

    2. Yes and lasting changes too. Gone are the days of the relief revolving door as I used to call it when I would be patching up people temporarily only for the symptoms to quickly return or reappear somewhere else. It always felt like holding an umbrella in a tsunami! Nowadays by incorporating the life itself is medicine approach people can make real lasting changes to their health and well-being. That’s what I have really noticed since bringing in a more holistic approach to my work.

  7. Thanks Andrew for sharing all the testimonials for your holistic physiotherapy service, I really enjoyed reading everyone’s feedback. There is something naturally within us that feels so warm and lovely inside when we feel another human being has been supported and deeply cared for, and has experienced healing. With every person supported we are all supported. There is a lot of misery, pain and suffering in this world so to be able to truly deliver and support so many people utilising esoteric medicine and physiotherapy is an amazing service.

  8. It is a privilege to read through these testimonials and feel the integrity, love and care that Andrew brings to holistic physiotherapy which is far wider than all the patients that he has treated over the years.

  9. These anecdotal expressions of appreciation have a true quality about them that can be felt in each patients chosen way of expressing it. These expressions should carry much more weight in the world today under evidence than some of the studies that are squeezed into such a linear form that there is little room for the truth to come through them.

    1. Shirley-Ann I’ve noticed that the general public tends to go with word of mouth recommendations, we trust what others experience and don’t need studies to verify these! I’m all for research that’s truly supportive for humanity but I won’t stop trusting how I feel or others experiences.

  10. Andrew these testimonies are pure Gold and are clear evidence of the quality of care you deliver and the appreciation by those who benefit from the outcomes, the patients themselves. You inspire me to recognise the Gold amongst my own collection of expressions of appreciation too.

    1. Yes it is always a good thing to collect testimonials from clients as a way to stop and appreciate the positive effect we have on people’s lives and to inspire us to continue doing what we are doing.

  11. Andrew it is no doubt that the service you are providing your clients is second to none after reading these beautiful testimonies. The power of the esoteric modalities on a client’s overall health and well-being is so needed in the world today where many current medical treatments have been lacking any true healing for the body.

  12. Beautiful to read the testimonials, many of them express not only the physical condition that you have treated them for, but also how their general wellbeing has increased, and the honesty which they felt from you.

  13. Reading through these testimonials, what stands out for me is the professionalism and understanding that Andrew delivers in his treatments. There is a willingness to support his clients on all levels and it is deeply felt that what is delivered is personally delivered, directly what is needed for each client.

  14. I wish the main stream Media would dig a little deeper and look at these types of testimonies before making assumptions and accusations about a style of health care that is actually hugely beneficial to both client and Practitioners.

    1. I agree Sarah, but ultimately many of us listen to those around us and even if science or the media says something doesn’t work, but those around us are getting good results that’s what we tend to place our trust with. What people are experiencing is always louder than words alone.

  15. If I was a traditionally trained physio, I would definitely want to find out what is making such a difference for all these patients to find your work to be more effective.

    1. Yes I agree these testimonials are worth studying and considering and any practitioner who genuinely cares for humanity and their profession would be interested in any approach that brings this level of holistic care.

  16. With testimonies like this it is clear that the service that Andrew offers has a profound impact on his clientele through his ability to address body issues and support healing from a more spherical approach thanks to his studies with Universal Medicine and the understanding he has gained from this. No matter what field, a client will always benefit from a holistic approach as we do not live in parts and so therefore we cannot be treated as such.

  17. Testimonials from a person’s lived experience communicates so much to us – and without doubt provide evidence of quality.

  18. Building trust and confidence with clients is a great asset to any business, or relationship, and to be able to naturally reflect confidence in another through living in a way that supports not only yourself but those around you is a great service to mankind.

    1. Yes I would agree Sally that more important than any technical or practical skills or knowledge you have as a practitioner is the connection and relationship you build with your clients and this creates a great space for healing to occur.

  19. What stands out for me is not only the care and support Andrew gives, but also the relationship and trust that Andrew has built with his clients, not only treating the issue but connecting with each patient to support them as a whole.

    1. In medicine currently we totally under-estimate and even ‘poo poo’ the significance and power of the relationship between the practitioner and the client and the potential that this has to support true healing to occur, and this of course is dependent on the relationship that the practitioner has with themselves and their ability to be consistent, steady, open and understanding without any judgement, criticism, or reaction to what the client brings with them into the treatment room.

  20. What a powerful set of testimonials, all conveying the professionalism and integrity that you bring as a practitioner Andrew and the appreciation for the deeper understanding of the physical ailments that is so essential in properly dealing with the core of any symptom.

  21. It’s great to read people’s real life experience with treatments like this. I have never been treated by this practitioner but have been treated by some of the modalities mentioned. There are some really great results in amongst them and what I see worth appreciating is that these are people that would otherwise be walking around either in huge pain in themselves or in repeated treatments that aren’t really supporting them to live. From what is shared and what I know these qualities of treatments support you to walk on your own 2 feet, to heal yourself and that is far greater than simply giving someone something.

      1. The “greatest form or healing is supporting” yourself “to truly heal” yourself and from there everything and everyone around you has access to that same healing by choice.

  22. What Andrew offers with his approach to Physiotherapy is a far cry from any conventional treatment that I have experienced before. It comes with a deep understanding of the body, why the problem has developed and what he and I can do together to support it to come back to a true state of health. The gentle techniques that Andrew offers are so unimposing yet the impact and lasting benefits can be felt throughout the body.

  23. I have experienced many different physiotherapists and I have experienced Andrew’s and having experienced Andrew’s combination of physio and esoteric healing I would comment that it is much more gentle to receive than standard physio and the effects on my body far greater.

    1. Thanks Doug. I know many of my clients remark at how gentle my approach is and some even question whether it could be as effective as the more traditional forceful ‘push and pull’ approach employed by most body workers, however once they have experienced the effects and results on their bodies they know something very deep and profound is taking place that is of great support to them and their bodies.

  24. This was beautiful to read for me this morning, it brought back to my understanding that when we bring all of us to our profession and in that do not hold back any part of it, we bring so much more that just the skills we apply but it is also an intimacy that connects from heart to heart that maybe is the true healing in all cases..

      1. Indeed Andrew, we tend to emphasise our talents but in fact these are just skills in life we are naturally very good with and in themselves are not love. It actually comes to, as you say, to bring alchemy through it and then these talents can be enormously supportive to us to bring love in our work or wherever these talents can be brought into action.

  25. What struck me in reading these is how important the practitioner is in the treatment. So it is not just about techniques but manner. A gentle caring manner goes a long way, and when combined with esoteric principles and practices is offering patients a deep healing. Physiotherapy must become more than just physical recovery, we have the opportunity to treat the patient as a whole and get deeper to the root cause of musculo-skeletal conditions, understanding energy and how this is physically manifesting in people’s lives.

    1. I agree one of the greatest things I have learnt in 20 years of Physiotherapy is that my best tool in the clinic room is me being me and therefore how I live my daily life in and out of the clinic.

      1. How magnificent that is Andrew, I often catch myself in situations where I think I need to know more, and then I realise that it isn’t that, it is just I need to be myself and bring awareness to every situation I encounter. In physio the care is always foremost but with a loving intention, but I guess we should look at all of life in the same way, care is the part that really matters.

  26. Andrew, these testimonials are amazing to read, your approach of traditional physiotherapy and esoteric healing is evidently very powerful and has changed many lives, thank you for sharing these.

  27. i am blown away by reading this, I simply am in awe of the level of appreciation and respect that is between you and your clients Andrew. thank you for caring so much about this and for loving all so much in the way you approach their physical issues that their appreciation is so tangible and touching to read.

  28. What stands out in these testimonials is a high degree of self-empowerment in the people receiving this level of care. They feel deeply supported, listened to and cared for, but at the same time empowered with a way of living that supports them to do the same for themselves.

  29. This is interesting! In the testimonial of R, 2011 he/she said “I have always been sceptical of non-traditional medicine. I have not embraced other areas of alternative medicine but now I do appreciate the value of certain forms of esoteric medicine.” People who are very much in Western Medicine can see the missing link here, Universal Medicine is offering.

  30. Medicine applied with love, care and decency like Andrew does with physiotherapy plus the Universal Medicine Therapies where appropriate is the medicine of the future; understanding and supporting the body in every way helpful and meeting the person for who they are in their very core is not just learned skill but result of ‘self-education’ as a practitioner and true human being in the best sense. Andrew lives with this level of responsibility and dedication, giving us an example of how it can be done.

    1. I do agree with that Alex, these testimonials clearly show to me that there was a trust between the clients and Andrew that made them open to this heart connected approach and in that they have come to the understanding that they too have part in the healing and have the inner power to restore a wellbeing in the body that sustains and does not return to its old state after treatment as some have experienced before.

  31. Thankyou Andrew for sharing these heart warming patient testimonials that confirm that true physiotherapy requires looking at the complete physiology of both our body and being. To treat the physical symptoms while addressing the underlying energetic root cause, leaves the patient feeling complete in the sense that every nook and cranny has been cared for with no part being of greater significance that any other in the whole that these parts are a part of. This is truly the medicine of the future.

  32. Amazing Andrew Mooney.. really inspiring. My experience of the Esoteric Modalities of late has been deeply profound. What I have noticed the more I honour me the more I am honoured in relationships.

  33. Andrew,
    It was a pleasure reading your client testimonials. There was such a range of ailments, along with many and varied types of jobs and ways of living that the people presented with. What truly stood out was your ability to support each of them, in how they needed it. A beautiful snapshot into how we can all live and be in our jobs, and lives.

  34. Beautiful appreciation for all you offer bringing conventional physiotherapy together with esoteric healing that allows clients to feel a deeper underlying cause to their physical problems.

  35. It’s lovely to feel the connection you have with each of your clients Andrew and the level of support you offer whilst at the same time feeling that you’re not so much “fixing” them but offering them a greater understanding of their bodies and themselves which for them would be truly empowering.

  36. The appreciation in all these testimonies is palpable. What stands out the most is the reflection you offer in how you are in yourself Andrew…. you are someone people can trust because of the consistency in which you work and live. I’ve been to some practitioners who look very unhealthy, can hardly walk and everything that comes out of their mouth feels contradictory to how they are living. You have truly made a lasting and valuable impact on their lives.

  37. This holistic approach to care is true for me and true for everyone. Our backs, knees, shoulders etc are attached to all of our body and mind and to treat those things we need to see the person as a complete human being. I had also seen a few physiotherapist’s with no results. Treating the whole person and understanding how we hold everything in our bodies, all our experiences, worries, fears, beliefs, ideals, joys and sorrows, makes a huge difference to treatment. It is so lovely to feel and to know that it is possible to unlock these things from the body and to truly heal.

    1. I completely agree Amanda and having just been to a recent course, it would seem that the latest neuroscience theories on pain also support this ‘Whole-istic’ approach – meaning considering the whole person attached to the arm, leg, neck, back etc, not just the physical body part.

  38. Re-reading this blog I can really feel the appreciation from the clients that you treated them as a whole person, and did not just focus on a symptom that needed to be fixed. That they deepened their understanding of the underlying issue and tried other healing modalities that you offer is testament to the connection you made with each person.

  39. What comes through so powerfully is how much people appreciate not just the physiological benefits, but also the extra mile Andrew goes to in helping people understand that it is more than just the physical. That the way they move, the way they breathe, and the way they live, have an enormous impact both on their treatment and their lives.

    1. Yes my experience is that people really do appreciate this approach as they can feel how empowering it is for them to look at the way they live and all the preventative factors; they can simply look at it so they are not reliant on the practitioner to take away or manage their symptoms for them.

  40. I really enjoyed hearing how appreciated you are for your truly holistic services. What you are offering is integrity and connection for all that are blessed to walk in your clinic room, thank you for sharing.

  41. This shows from many sources that what Andrew shares and offer to clients really works, even the many who have tried other physiotherapy and alternative healing without the results they have got with Andrew. This is great evidence that bringing an esoteric approach in complement with western medicine is very potent and able to support true healing and life change.

    1. I agree Simon, there is mounting evidence that the esoteric approach really works because unlike other modalities it actually treats the root cause of any ailment – the separation from our inner most essence.

  42. What these testimonials show is there is far more at play when we go to receive body work and how it is not simply the procedure that is happening to the physical body. Connection and relationship with the client and the practitioner’s with them selves matter hugely. This way the treatment makes changes in everyones lives beyond what was expected. Thank you for some great sharings, Andrew.

    1. Yes I agree jsnelgrove36 that in whatever we are doing in life and whenever we are with someone else whether this be at work or at home, there is much more being communicated energetically than what our 5 senses can detect and so the simplest act or conversation can bring great healing and support to someone if we surrender to being all of who we are in that moment.

  43. Reading these testimonials, what stands out to me is how pretty much every single person has felt the treatments to be more than just working on a physical level. That’s phenomenal and opens the door for more and more responsibility to be taken for their health. Very inspiring.

  44. This speaks volumes for the potential for healing when we make our connection to people first before offering any service.

    1. Agreed Angela Perin and it leads me to consider that even our definition of what we call healing can be expanded to include every encounter we have with another human being in any field of work or general life. Wherever there is connection there is healing.

  45. Thank you for sharing these postive testimonials Andrew. What stands out is that you connect well with all clients, and that the benefits felt are greater than relief from the presenting physical symptom. I also note that you offer tools that they can take home and incorporate into their daily routine, such as the breathing exercises.

    1. I have suspected for most of my career that when clients present with a physical ailment the actual problem stems much deeper than the physical body. So it makes complete sense that the treatment must include the physical body but also the emotional and energetic aspects as well.

    2. Isn’t this one of the keys to providing true support to others – whether or not we are directly working in the medical or health field – simply connecting to them as people first and providing support in whatever way might be needed based on responding to the individual, and on the foundation of this connection – a totally different approach to relying purely or primarily on technique or function or skill.

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