Case Reports: Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine

by Dr Samuel Kim MBBS FRACP MPH

For the general public, the field of complementary medicine is diverse and perceived as poorly regulated with its use in health care viewed with suspicion and doubt (Cohen, 2004). The non-mainstream medical model is criticised for lacking a rigorous level of research data, recognised training and vocational certification. Therefore, it has been considered yet another drain on the Medicare and private insurance-funded health care. Academia in Medicine has viewed the complementary field as a desperate attempt to fulfil symptomatic relief particularly for and by the chronic medical patients (Dwyer, 2011).

Currently the use of complementary medicine is estimated to be over half of the Australian population, often along with conventional Medicine (MacLennan et al., 2006) with a higher rate of use in patients with cancer. There is an increasing literature evidence of diverse use of complementary medicines and healing modalities in chronic diseases such as anxiety disorders and depression (Jorm et al., 2004), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (George et al., 2004), infection prophylaxis (Lemberg and Pham, 2008), osteoporosis (Mak and Faux, 2010), cancers (Robotin and Penman, 2006, Ernst, 2001) and palliative care. Thus, the contribution of healing practitioners cannot be disregarded as people feel for what is true for them far beyond what is presented in the textbooks, journals and the media.

In our care of chronic lung diseases since 2006 in both hospital and private clinic setting, people have both enquired and chosen a broader team approach which has not only improved their well-being and outcomes from medical treatments, but ensured equity of care that is supported by additional safeguards where potential difficulties can be addressed if the patient is willing and open. These patients remained to this day well informed, proactive in their health care and not disempowered in their own treatments which is not readily seen in our complex medical world.

Case One: Mrs. D. M

This lovely lady, a 58 years old woman, is a great example of the partnership between Medicine and complementary healing practitioners such as those trained with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Her story is beautifully told by her in the Blog. Suffering from a severe irreversible genetic lung disease causing emphysema, she has been reviewed by tertiary specialists who all recommended elective lung transplantation. Her symptoms were of progressive breathlessness and repeated bouts of chest infection with severe impairment in lung function.

With her openness to healing, she has had a course of healing sessions that included esoteric lung massage, esoteric chakra puncture and esoteric healing prior to, during and following her lung procedure in late 2011, where three one-way endobronchial valves were placed in her lung to reduce the physiological effects of lung disease. Typically, this has a major impact on the individual’s breathing as the lung and chest structures “remodel” within 24 hours to up to four weeks. Her recovery has been remarkably quick with no complications and with the added understanding of what the physical disease meant for her with the wisdom gained through healing. She remains to this day able to maintain function that is far beyond that of what could have been achieved by technology alone, thus again supporting that “everything that is true helps” when the body is ready to heal.


We have now performed forty-five similar procedures for severe lung disease here in Brisbane since late 2010.  Although the medical prosthesis and technology do help greatly, her and other patients who have had preparatory esoteric lung massages before and healing sessions after their procedures recover more quickely and live their life at a much deeper level than those patients who focus on the medical treatments alone.

Case Two: M. M.

This 51 years old woman, a fully-qualified nurse in her occupation, has been seeing us since 2007 for deep-seated chronic lung infection which only affected the left upper lung. This has been treated with the usual series of hospital-based antibiotics with or without bronchoscopy-assisted lung lavage (“wash-outs”) on annual basis. Four years ago, she underwent a major gynaecological surgery for a malignant condition and then she dramatically changed her life’s focus more deeply towards healing.

Two years ago, she consulted us for ongoing non-specific symptoms that baffled the usual medical diagnosis. It was not until an esoteric healing session alerted a potential need to closely examine her pancreas and spleen, where she was advised by an accredited esoteric practitioner to seek medical care. Subsequent investigations revealed an unusual splenic tumour which was removed as were parts of her pancreas. She has remained physically well and grateful for where Medicine and Healing have worked together, also before, during and following her diagnosis and major abdominal surgery. As per her own words, had she “not have had a discussion with her healing practitioner”, she “would not have been so proactive with having the scans so quickly, getting the results quickly, booking appointments with other relevant specialists”.

Case Three: P. D.

This 67 years old man, worked as a senior partner of a major legal firm, presented to clinic and subsequently hospital with two major bouts of serious lung infections and difficult-to-control asthma despite three different general practitioners and two senior specialists. His lifestyle was riddled with the pressures of work as a lawyer, restless sleep, erratic eating habits and reliance on cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption to compensate for stress relief.

When approached openly during his second life-threatening illness, he was very accepting of his predicament and enquired about healing, as encouraged by his loving wife who has been increasingly concerned of his overall health for the past decade.  Supplemented by medical treatments for his lung disease and a series of esoteric Chakra-puncture sessions by an esoteric practitioner at Universal Medicine Centre, Brisbane, he has dramatically changed his lifestyle and is planning ahead of what his work and lifestyle should be so he can better nurture himself prior to his retirement.


Often we talk about lifestyle and risk factor modifications in Medicine, but we do not offer practical help to our patients.  If they are open and willing, people do know what is truly needed for their body. If their doctors are able to confirm and are supportive of their patients, positive long-term benefits are gained without excessive use of medical treatments.

Case 4: R. C

This 76 years old man, recently retired from a lifelong occupation of taxi and truck driving, underwent emphysema treatment in late 2010, and did very well with his and his wife’s openness to esoteric lung massages and esoteric Chakra-puncture around the time of his procedure and recovery. He also dramatically changed his lifestyle by progressive reduction and then cessation of alcohol consumption for which they attributed with up to eight kgs of weight loss.

In April 2012, during a routine assessment, an early stage airway lung cancer of the right upper lung was found on bronchoscopy prior to any evidence on x-ray series (His comment: “Doc, something does not feel right with my right lung, as I am more breathless.”)  Whilst we have arranged a definitive course of radiation treatment for him over a six week period, he was supported further by a course of esoteric Chakra-puncture at Universal Medicine Clinic, Goonellabah. When reviewed recently in clinic, he and his wife were very thankful as he has returned to an excellent level of functioning and understanding of his illness.


As with case three, this man’s illness and how he proactively responded by feeling into his body and the awareness of where he was at both physically and emotionally, supplemented how Medicine and Healing can work together to optimally manage a potentially life-threatening disease.

From a practical perspective, knowing that our practice of Medicine is all done with loving intent and when we are connected to who we truly are, Medicine becomes one with healing and healing becomes one with Medicine..

The examples presented are not isolated cases, as many more have had esoteric lung massages, esoteric Chakra-puncture and esoteric healing around their cancer chemotherapy, cancer surgery and palliative care treatments with reduced symptoms of side-effects and improved perception of well-being without excessive reliance on drugs alone. We have had patients who have had their lungs filled with pus who did not know they were that ill, some for many years until Esoteric Medicine has highlighted their physical issues. The wisdom of Esoteric Medicine encourages people to listen to their bodies, to feel what is needed for them, whether that is food, exercise, sleep, rest or if they feel ill, to seek help.  Esoteric Medicine means, “living in a way that serves your body”, bringing it back to its natural way of being…… and that is simply what true esoteric healing practitioners do.

From first-hand knowledge, we know that Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team LIVE the ethical standards as set out by the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)* Code of Conduct, these being the highest ethical guidelines that we have ever seen in print, nevertheless lived. Practising doctors can concentrate on getting patients back to their lives as well as we can do medically, and the healing can support them with their day to day living.

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

110 thoughts on “Case Reports: Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine

  1. What a great testimony of case studies about how true complementary medicine can work alongside conventional medicine. One thing that stands out in this blog is how the Universal Medicine approach actually empowers people to be more aware of their bodies and any changes that are occurring and more proactive about seeking help sooner.

    1. I totally agree andrewmooney26 and can state this from personal experience. I’ve had surgery in recent months, which has only come about as a result of taking more responsibility for my body and learning not to ignore my symptoms. This awareness is attributed to being introduced to Universal Medicine and being inspired not only to deepen my self-care but to understand the support that is available by combining western medicine with esoteric healing.

  2. There is much evidence stated by Dr. Samuel Kim of the encouraging results shown by people who have serious illness, that Esoteric Medicine can be useful and a very inspiring help to these people in healing their bodies, before and after treatment of a conventional Kind. This must be truly inspiring for those in need of such treatments.

  3. This is amazing to read. Taking healing our illnesses and diseases to a whole other level. In my observations it has become so accepted and ‘normal’ to not care for your body well, it seems to be more about getting everything done and people around us happy. Caring for yourself is not seen as a ‘cool’ thing to do! But it actually is very cool. As these testimonials describe, truly healing a disease with understanding of it is very cool! As is “living in a way that serves your body” as Esoteric Medicine teaches. Thank you for this Dr Samuel Kim.

  4. To live life more fully, to a deeper level and with reduced side effects and quicker recovery, due to one’s openness to receive esoteric healing treatments alongside medical requirements, is truly extraordinary. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of the case studies proving the true healing power of combining western medicine with the esoteric.

  5. What a beautiful article to read Sam. The depth of care you have for your patients and the willingness to be open to other means of support through the Esoteric Healing modalities is exemplary. Thank you.

  6. Brilliant testimonials and comments Sam that further build the case for utilising both esoteric modalities and conventional western medicine together to allow patients to get to a true place of healing. It is amazing how once offered the esoteric modalities, many were then able to feel into their body more and begin to consider more deeply the choices they were making and the lifestyle they were living.

  7. Living proof and researched back by medical professionals highlights again how very possibly and needed it is for esoteric medicine and the modern medical world to work hand in hand

  8. Thank you Dr Samuel Kim for writing about how such amazing levels of wellbeing have been achieved through the application of a healing regime combining the Esoteric Healing Modalities with western medicine. These testimonials are clearly showing us the way forward.

  9. “If they are open and willing, people do know what is truly needed for their body.” There is so much beauty in these words.

  10. “Esoteric Medicine means, “living in a way that serves your body”, bringing it back to its natural way of being…… and that is simply what true esoteric healing practitioners do”.
    Thank you Sam for highlighting and bringing to our attention the partnership between Esoteric Medicine and main stream medicine. The case studies you presented are very powerful indeed and a great inspiration for us to live in a way that serves our bodies.

  11. Sam,
    Thank you dearly for writting this article. I have personally witnessed the ability of the body to heal when we are open to exploring our contribution to the illness that our bodies present. How when truth is brought to the table and it is openly received, literally miracles do happen. This is the reality of combining Conventional Medicine with the Esoteric Healing modalities. Reading your case studies above is a testament to to this truth. And the beginnings to a research base that will consistently show the true support Esoteric Healing is to humanity.

  12. Thank you Dr Kim, these case studies are worthy of presentation in the most popular medical journals throughout the world. Throwing out complementary medicine because of some shonky alternative medicine practices, is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I know of many conventional medical doctors who are horrified about the attack on complementary medicine because they have years of experience of just how supportive safe and effective some complementary therapies are to clients and are also aware without these, the conventional medicine would be able to cope with the explosion of illness and disease even less than it is.

  13. Dr Sam Kim it is very empowering to read how medicine and the esoteric healing modalities can work to support a person’s return to health. I note that in each case the person being treated was pro-active in their health care, and by virtue of the esoteric treatments, in tune with what their body was telling them. This is a powerful model of health care and one I find to be personally beneficial.

  14. Reading through these cases it feels like a new marker is being set for how the future of health care will be as. Thank you Sam for presenting how it is possible to marry conventional and Esoteric medicine.

  15. Thank you Sam for sharing these case studies, after reading them there is no denying that the Esoteric Modalities combined with Western Medicine beautifully supports the body to truly heal.

  16. It is so supportive to see the case studies above and see how practical the combination of esoteric healing and conventional medicine is. The responsibility is preemptive which is valuable in this case “planning ahead of what his work and lifestyle should be so he can better nurture himself prior to his retirement.” So many men who take their own lives when they retire.

  17. Thank you Sam for documenting these and other cases so thoroughly, showing without doubt that the combination of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine are a powerful partnership for our health and wellbeing.

  18. Sam thank you for sharing this, it’s truly amazing how much we do know when we listen to our bodies. I’m also struck by how in Medicine people are told they need to change their lifestyle but not supported in that, and how Esoteric Medicine supported that and in doing so allowed Medicine to do it’s job. This is our Medicine of the future, both working in tandem supporting what is needed for the patient.

  19. Thank you Sam for sharing these case studies that demonstrate very clearly that combining the support of western medicine with esoteric medicine offers patients the opportunity to take responsibility for their part in restoring the whole body to feeling healthier.

  20. Sam it is great to publish such evidence as these cases show for the efficacy of a combination of western medicine and esoteric healing modalities. These modalities may for now be viewed with caution by the medical authorities but having experienced them myself I have no doubt that they will one day sit alongside western medicine as an equal partner to provide the medicine that we all need.

  21. I am a case study of research proving the application of Esoteric Medicine has greatly supported me to heal what conventional medicine was not. I was diagnosed with severe depression and was in and out of it for over 10 years. Many GPs and psychologists were not able to truly support me. After attending Universal Medicine workshops and a couple of sessions with Serge Benhayon I was not feeling depressed and have never gone back into it. In fact the level of self-abuse I chose to allow in my life then, I would never have been aware of if not for the awareness and insight of the Universal Medicine modalities.

  22. Our lungs are full of a breath that is not truly ours. Deep down we all know this, hence the release that is felt the moment we make a choice to help ourselves breathe our own breath once again. To free the lungs in this way is truly liberating. Thankyou Sam, I loved reading these case studies. It is inspiring to see how the power of healing lays in our own hands and can be facilitated by the love, care, guidance and support of a practitioner that lives true to the wisdom found within.

  23. The support of the Esoteric modalities is undeniable. The above case studies are testament to the fact that healing is more than being fixed medically. It is about addressing, understanding and being open to changing our ways that found us in need of medical help.

  24. It is great to read confirmation of the mutual support that conventional medicine and esoteric medicine can offer patients who are willing to take responsibility for their own contribution to the healing process.

  25. The example that had been shared with this 58 year old woman is truly a miracle. The option of transplanting from a specialist’s point of view is an enormous change to the body. What an opportunity she was given by choosing to have a combination of various modalities offered by Universal Medicine. A gift of looking deeper at the root of the disharmony in the lungs and how our livingness impacts the body in the most powerful of ways. What is a true miracle here is the choices made by the patient to be open to more and to understand that the healing that has taken place, has come from the root cause, which again shows the impacts and opportunity that is offered when we marry Esoteric Medicine with Western Medicine.

  26. The way we live and the choices we make have a profound affect on those we work with, but this is yet to be widely acknowledged and accepted. But we do just know that this is the case. Be looked after by a nurse who is angry or rushed to a nurse to is open and present. Quite a difference.

  27. When we are so focused on the cost of things as well as not having people overuse medications wouldn’t what is offered here make perfect sense. A non invasive, cost effective support that works in with western medicine. I know there has been critiques of complementary medicine but more and more people are seeking it’s support from what has been offered here in this article. Maybe in the past some haven’t been that complementary and so have tainted the way for others. Maybe we should put the complementary modalities offered through their paces and see which stand up. Not only from what I have read here but also from personal experience esoteric medicine truly stands up.

  28. The combination of Western Medicine amazing as it is and Esoteric Medicine with its understanding of the causes of illness and disease is a hugely powerful one. I feel so blessed to be aware of this fact and able to share it with others.

  29. I agree Dr Kim that complementary medicine has done itself no favours historically by not getting its act together in terms of regulation or research evidence and it would be taken far more seriously by conventional medicine if it was and this would also weed out many of the complementary health practices that do seem rather dubious in their intentions and methods (because let’s be honest there are some extreme practices out there which are obviously not good for anyone). The other problem is that complementary and alternative medicine often places itself as an adversary to conventional medicine. But what you are describing here is complementary health at the highest standards and of equal professionalism to conventional medicine working alongside and with conventional medicine. This is a very remarkable approach and one that needs to be studied further and really considered as a way forward for our health care systems.

  30. When is conventional medicine going to realise that it cannot continue to ‘go it alone’ and it needs the support of good quality complementary medicine? True complementary medicine is no threat to conventional medicine – it does not seek to replace it or supersede it, but only to add to it and expand on it and fill in the obvious cracks and gaps that are opening ever wider in our health care.

  31. These case studies are beautiful to read, highlighting the fact that esoteric medicine no doubt supports the body to heal and alongside conventional medicine makes a great combination to assist healing illness and disease. Where I was dubious of conventional medicine, there are many that doubt complementary medicine and I do not blame them when there are many alternative and complementary practices that claim to heal the body, when in truth they do not, but when we choose to let go of our beliefs and hurts and embrace conventional medicine together with the esoteric, true miracles occur.

  32. This is just amazing to read, how people do in fact know what is going on, or that something is not right and when they’re willing to get all the support they need, medically, energetically and with a willingness to change what does not support them in their day to day lives, they become their own walking, living miracles as these studies show. To quote you ‘She remains to this day able to maintain function that is far beyond that of what could have been achieved by technology alone, thus again supporting that “everything that is true helps” when the body is ready to heal.’ sums up perfectly how we can work with ourselves, our bodies, our medics and healing to come to truth when we are willing and ready.

  33. I just found this blog and it is truly amazing to read the cases and what the combination of conventional medicine and Esoteric medicine is bringing to patient’s health. Thank you Sam for sharing these cases and your wisdom with us all. And I feel to repeat this quote as Esoteric Medicine is a great support of reconnecting to our own body and its wisdom. ‘Esoteric Medicine means, “living in a way that serves your body”, bringing it back to its natural way of being…… and that is simply what true esoteric healing practitioners do.’

  34. Wow, I love this article – medical case studies with more. Readable and real. Thank you Dr Samuel Kim, this demonstrates what is possible when illness, and people, are considered as more than the sum of their symptoms.

  35. The fact that such a high percentage of people are choosing to have complementary health alongside their conventional medical treatment indicates that many people feel that the conventional medical approach to their health is incomplete and falls short of the holistic care we all know is possible.

  36. “everything that is true helps”.
    There is much said in these words, for sometimes what is true feels uncomfortable and odd in our bodies, as it exposes a pattern or behaviour that has brought us to an illness and even though we intellectually know this, the fact it has been chosen as a ‘normal’ way of life makes it feel odd when we begin to no longer choose it.

  37. Western medicine along side Esoteric medicine brings the body to a far greater awareness, I have used both Western and Esoteric medicine and have found the Esoteric element to be a huge support which also enabled me to get to the root cause of my illness.

  38. Western medicine is forever evolving and bringing in new treatments and methods to fight or control disease, when you put it hand in hand with Esoteric medicine you get a much deeper healing and understanding of what your body is trying to make you aware of.

  39. Complementary modalities may currently be viewed poorly however this cannot silence the extraordinary healings that are taking place under this classification. It is clear from your case studies that there are profound benefits taking place when western medicine and esoteric healing are combined, one can only hope that the needed research is done to offer the proof that will change the way it is viewed and ultimately change the face of medicine to offer a more spherical approach to healing the body.

  40. Surely it is these kind of case studies that makes up the much needed quantum shift in the conventional western medical perspective of what potential there is if it were to embrace complementary esoteric medicine.

  41. I didn’t know you could get pus on lungs! I would love to be able to visit the Universal Medicine Brisbane clinic and have a session as the work you do sounds incredible. More so I feel the importance you have highlighted here about the marriage between conventional and complementary medicine and just how complementary medicine can support someone whilst also being treated conventionally. However, from experience currently I would only recommend complementary therapy from practitioners trained and accredited by Universal Medicine as you have also stated ‘we know that Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team LIVE the ethical standards as set out by the Esoteric Practitioners Association** Code of Conduct, these being the highest ethical guidelines that we have ever seen in print, nevertheless lived.’ This is very true in that Universal Medicine practitioners truly live with the best of their ability the highest integrity both physically and energetically I have ever known across all they do not just in a therapy room when with a client and this is tremendously important in how any complementary practitioner lives as energetically this is what they will be bringing to their client. But I would say out of all of this the most important is that the person themselves are ‘open and willing’, as ‘people do know what is truly needed for their body’ it is just a case of listening to and honouring this. Congratulations on the truly Amazing work you have been and continue to do.

  42. Each case study here is a clear example that medicine with out the support of Esoteric Medicine has a limit as to how much it can support a person. They highlight that together these two powerful medicines join to support the person in their healing, not only of their disease, but in their lifestyle.

  43. There may be various reasons why we should consider complementary medicine alongside the conventional medicine, but my own experience tells me that our attitude seldom changes and we are still looking for something to fix and remove our ailment. Esoteric medicine is something totally different in that it asks us to be participatory to our own healing by literally looking at every part of our life and bringing self-responsibility into the equation. For me, it has been the only complementary medicine in its truest sense.

  44. Brilliant in so many ways, not least of which the value given to the patient’s voice in the presentation of these case studies. We see here this Living Evidence, as coined by Serge Benhayon, honoured in true complement with technical/mechanical observations. Sam Kim, in true humility observes and treats without imposition – a true practitioner of Medicine.

  45. I can say from first hand experience that having had esoteric Chakra-puncture after each of my radiotherapy sessions, my side effects were much reduced, and also realised how much more responsible I needed to be with how I looked after myself on an ongoing basis. I am very thankful to have come across Universal Medicine and their healing modalities.

  46. Dr Sam Kim, I know you would be my choice of Doctor’s if ever I need a lung specialist, the true care and support you offer your clients is extraordinary. I love that you combine western medicine and the esoteric modalities to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms, allowing the underlying causes of disease to reveal itself and give the body a chance to truly heal.

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