Letter to the Medical Observer

by Steffen Messerschmidt, ND.

To Mr. Byron Kaye – The Medical Observer

Dear Byron,

Following up on our short phone conversation last week, and realising that you actually only asked whether I saw a GP in relation to a hand complaint and not the reasons as to why I did not need to see one, I would like to clarify a few things:

1. I have an extensive medical background. I originally trained in Conventional Medicine specialising in Holistic Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic problems & Rehabilitation. After that I studied Natural Medicine at the German Paracelsus College for Natural Medicine and became a Naturopathic Physician.

I also studied Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine under Prof. Dr. Bram van Dam at the SPT-Education – Education Institute for Sport, Physiotherapy and Training Science, AEP Academy Spain and the University of Lisbon, and obtained a Degree in Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine. For a period of 5 years I have also studied, worked and assisted Prof. Dr. Bram van Dam in the field of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) and Epigenetics.

My medical and scientific knowledge, and the knowledge of my own body, allowed me to deal with my condition. I was clearly able to determine whether or not I needed to seek the help and support of a GP or any other health practitioner. I strongly felt I have the ability to diagnose and treat myself.

2. Just in case you are not familiar with the Science of PNI I have added a definition:
‘Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. PNI takes an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating psychology, neuroscience, immunology, physiology, pharmacology, molecular biology, psychiatry, behavioural medicine, infectious diseases, endocrinology, and rheumatology.

The main interests of PNI are the interactions between the nervous and immune systems and the relationships between mental processes and health. PNI studies, among other things, the physiological functioning of the neuroimmune system in health and disease; disorders of the neuroimmune system (autoimmune diseases, hypersensitivities, immune deficiency) and the physical, chemical and physiological characteristics of the components of the neuroimmune system in vitro, in situ, and in vivo.’

3. At one of the workshops, Serge recommended that I see another medical practitioner for support. I assured him that it wasn’t needed and that I would be able to deal with the condition myself.

4. I met Serge Benhayon a few years ago and I began to discuss with him my own medical background and the work that I was doing at the time. I soon discovered in Serge a level of integrity and love for humanity that I had never seen before. In terms of what he was saying, it became clear that Serge basically “walks the talk”, which I had never seen even when I was lecturing internationally together with Professors, Doctors and other health care professionals. Other professionals and “experts” would talk about healthy lifestyle in the congress and then privately eat the things they told their students not to eat. They would go out and party, smoke and drink, or have unhealthy relationships, abuse their status as lecturers, and so on.

5. For a long time I was the only one out of many of my colleagues who did not drink alcohol, did not eat or drink unhealthy food, who exercised regularly and had a healthy sleeping rhythm. However, Serge represented a level of integrity and self love that went much deeper.

6. Most importantly, what Serge presented and lived was the missing link for me as conventional medicine, natural medicine, psychology, nutrition, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and even the science of Epigenetics did not cover all of the problems I would see in clinic on a daily base. What Serge presented made sense to me, even with my academic background. Notably, it was not the stuff of the ‘Spiritual New Age’ nor was he “off with the fairies”.

7. As I shared with you during our brief conversation, my meeting with Serge Benhayon that started my clearing was as two friends and fellow practitioners coming together, sharing our experiences and observing what therapies do on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

8. You mentioned C3 deficiency on the phone, but all the tests I ran would have not come back clear if anything like a C3 deficiency would have been the cause. If those theories you presented were accurate then my body markers would have shown elevated levels of liver enzymes and other inflammatory and immune responses. Also being a physically fit man, C1q or C3 esterase deficiency do not apply: consider that I have no lifelong history of allergies, infections etc. If presented, C3 is depressed; IgE/white cell count/inflammatory markers of ESR and C-reactive protein (CRP) along with platelet counts are typically up.
At no stage did I have any swelling in my airways.

9. The fact that I was also not exposed to any toxins, and only the areas affected on my hands where I held the tools I was working with at the time, clearly indicated to me that there was nothing physically wrong with me and my body was only clearing the energy of the modalities and remedies I had been working with. As you can see in the presentation this clearing went on for a period of 3 months until my hands returned back to normal.

10. All my knowledge and experience of both conventional and natural medicine could not explain scientifically why I was clearing in this way. The only explanation was energetic. The great thing about all of this was that the study with Serge and Universal Medicine gave me the possibility to feel on a deeper level what actually was going on in my body.

11. Upon realising that my practice of certain modalities and remedies had harmed my body, I was not about to continue to practise with those tools and so-called remedies on anyone else if there was the slightest chance that they could harm or bury issues in my patients. I made the responsible choice to discard and burn all the items related with those therapies.

12. After discarding this I am still practising and the main things that changed is that I have a much higher vitality then I ever had and am able to apply a much deeper form of integrity and care on a daily base to my patients.

Overall I must say that clearly I am an awesome human being and an amazing practitioner as I was able to overcome those 4 diseases without any of the help you suggested – three of them being life threatening. 🙂
Obviously, I was only able to do that with my knowledge and understanding from modern, natural and esoteric medicine.

This clearly explains my position and I trust that you will report the facts with honesty and integrity.

Yours Sincerely,
Steffen Messerschmidt, ND


Total Health Natural Medicine Clinic
Ph / Fax 07 3345 1537

115 thoughts on “Letter to the Medical Observer

  1. Your blog highlights the difference between having a title and knowledge, and whether we live that knowledge, or just spout it. You refer to observing colleagues who lived in a way contra to the advice they gave their students and clients, and we could really add journalism to this, as some journalists hold themselves under the title as writing the truth, yet they don’t, and nor do they live the truth they supposedly express in published articles and news stories.

  2. What is interesting is that people assume that we do not have the authority to make our own decisions of what is and is not best for our bodies and that if we have not sought medical attention then we can’t possibly be sound of mind. As Steffen is highly qualified in medicine it makes sense that he would feel confident enough to assess his own health and would know if he needed to seek additional advice.

  3. Your point about Serge Benhayon having incredible levels of integrity is very accurate – his understanding of the human body and conditions goes far deeper than any medical advice I’ve ever had, but also his respect for the medical profession and their work is enormous.

  4. Steffen I too let go of many complementary health modalities I was trained in after studying the Esoteric Modalities with Serge and Universal Medicine. Once I understood the difference between spirit and soul and felt the quality of soulful energy I could feel that unless a modality was based on the science of the soul it was harmful, even if on the surface it got results. This is the choice I made based on my new awareness and personal integrity. I also for the first time began to experience what I can only describe as true and lasting healing working with Universal Medicine’s modalities, not temporary relief followed by the eventual return of the issue or emotion which is what I had previously experienced.

  5. Thank you Steffen for the integrity of your response to Byron Kaye, you speak with the authority of your years of training but also from the energetic understanding which is available to us all but which for so many it is convenient to ignore and continue their self-abusive ways. The cost to humanity however is high and constantly rising and the media has the potential to make the truth more widely available rather than settling in so many cases for cut and paste sensationalist reporting that seeks to denigrate the truth of the Ageless Wisdom as brought through by Serge Benhayon.

  6. “In terms of what he was saying, it became clear that Serge basically “walks the talk”, which I had never seen even when I was lecturing internationally together with Professors, Doctors and other health care professionals.” Serge is indeed a man who lives what he talks, and this allows us to see that what he presents is available to us all.

  7. The moment we deviate from truth we have manufactured a lie, no matter how little or insignificant this move may seem. Because we as a society have allowed truth to be bastardised in this way, we have not only allowed lies to circulate, we have given them the very breath they need in order to survive. Therefore we are fed the lies we crave in order to sustain an existence that has no foundation of truth. Therefore to get to the core of corruption, we need to astutely observe what we are feeding and why.

  8. “I soon discovered in Serge a level of integrity and love for humanity that I had never seen before. In terms of what he was saying, it became clear that Serge basically “walks the talk”, which I had never seen even when I was lecturing internationally together with Professors, Doctors and other health care professionals.” I echo this as i had conventional training as a nurse, heath visitor in UK, a homeopath and various other less conventional trainings over the years. Not one of their presenters had the energetic integrity of Serge Benhayon as they preached health but didn’t live it. Serge doesn’t preach but he sure lives and breathes health and well-being. What he says makes so much sense, so changed my own life and made different lifestyle choices, and in the past ten years have never felt healthier.

  9. A very clear statement Steffen, the only thing is we know by now that some journalists just are not interested in truth, only in finding snippets that they can use to fill in the gaps of their own fabricated stories. A great wake up call to the workings of some (if not many) in the media.

  10. So solid Steffan – very precise, clear and irrefutable treatise on your choices and how they supported you. Seems almost impossible how anyone could get confused by that.

  11. What I find here in this blog is a being who goes deeper into his condition, looking to every aspect of it, by bringing all his honesty and medical knowledge and opening himself to medical advice, when needed. Full responsibility is required to approach healing in this way, which is wisely applied in his experience. This is a great inspiration for all to truly heal any condition from its roots.

  12. There’s so much offered in the combination of Esoteric, Natural and Conventional medicine and given your background Steffen, your testimonial to that fact is very powerful. This how we need to work with medicine, have all sides engaged, address the energetic factors, get the required medical support as needed and consider how we live.

  13. It is clear that your credentials and experience put you in a position to make the decisions you have regarding your own prognosis and health that others in your position may have not been able to do, and so brilliant that you expressed what you did to Mr Aston to set the record straight. It is a shame however that many journalists tend to not recount the lies they print for it does not serve their agenda and as such the truth does not prevail…. Sadly this is a common practice… ironically by those that are to meant to deliver us the truth.

  14. The body has a remarkable way of clearing our past choices, and as we make more loving choices for ourselves the body has an opportunity to start cleansing the body more deeply, rather than doing its best to clear what we overload it with, or don’t give it sufficient time to deal with.

  15. Steffen thank you for making it so easy and clear to understand how your symptoms were purely energetic, and a way of clearing earlier modalities from your body, it is a great sharing to understand how things remain within our body until we live in such a way that clears them out of our system.

  16. Leaving no stone unturned here in utilising all aspects of medicine, reflects a level of responsibility which can be applied to reporting a story or healing our ills.

  17. It would appear to me Steffen that you engaged in what both conventional and complementary medicine had to offer in healing your condition, allowing for the full picture of what was needed to be addressed.

  18. The corrupt journalistic practices that sparked the need for a letter like this are an example of a media serving itself and those that find the lies they print comforting. It is excellent to see the facts so clearly outlined in your response Steffen.

  19. “The only explanation was energetic. The great thing about all of this was that the study with Serge and Universal Medicine gave me the possibility to feel on a deeper level what actually was going on in my body.” When we understand the flow of energy through our body it shines light on our understanding of cause and effect.

  20. Steffen I appreciate your dedication to your self and humanity, you have and are at the forefront of bringing true healing into mainstream, combining all the modalities to offer not just medical support but an energetic understanding as well. Bringing patient awareness and responsibility to a deeper healing choice.

  21. Awesome Steffen a joy to read facts. I personally know you and you are a role model man with deep care for all and a well respected practitioner. Reading and hearing the facts is a healing in contrast to the harm caused through lies and sensationalism. I feel the responsibility in presenting my truth in whatever industry I choose to be. We have been given something great through Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, thus the clearing and healing Steffen experienced from the harm he dished out before his new found awareness. A journalist has a responsibility to present facts to the people, and now Byron Kaye has a marker too, a choice to heal or to harm (there is no in between) – the body is the marker of choices as shown energetically by Steffen.

  22. Steffen this is a brilliant sharing written to the Medical Observer and shows you are clearly able to speak with authority on the experience with your hands due to your expensive Medical training and your understanding and personal experience with the Esoteric Healing Modalities. To suggest otherwise is totally ridiculous and shows how willing some are to go to further bury their head in the sand and miss the opportunity of how we can bring true healing to the body and learn the energetic causes of disease etc from Serge Benhayon’s enormous wisdom and understanding of the body from an energetic point of view.

  23. An interesting letter obviously clearing up a matter where something was not truly understood. I agree with what others have said in that conventional medicine certainly does have a place and is important when truly needed and how the Esoteric works in partnership with this but gives a far grander understanding of energy and the truth of what is going on in our bodies on an energetic level. And also how it is important to listen to and understand our own bodies.

  24. When this world Attacks because something doesn’t fit in with the system, it’s best to not seek to justify, for that is one of the many ways it gets us to reduce what we reflect. it is best to carry on living knowing full well what is true and not needing to prove anything, for the universe has a way of showing us what is true in one way or another – everything that is false will eventually expose itself for what it is.

  25. Steffan, your sharing here shows clearly, that if there is anyone that can explain the true benefits of Esoteric Medicine, it is you, for your understanding and knowledge of the human body far exceeds most people. It is simply impossible to ignore what you have brought to light, that the energetic impact of everything we do is held in our bodies, until we decide to no longer abide by an imprint that causes harm, then our body is free to release the energy associated with it. Which will be different for everyone, as our daily living choices are different.

  26. Knowledge brought from the temporal world gives only part of the truth and to enquire more deeply of what the wisdom of the body has to say, allows for a deeper level of healing to take place. You have exposed what is missing from our Conventional Medical system and that to bring together both Convention Medicine and Esoteric Medicine honours the ‘whole’. Thanks Stephen for bringing much clarity to the choices we all have in treating illness and dis-ease in our lives.

  27. Steffen what a great expose of not only your qualifications, but of expressing truth. What you have shared is that there is a marriage of conventional and esoteric medicine. Truly breaking down the barriers that are very much in place by many who are not yet willing to see that they may not have the answers if it isn’t scientific.

  28. I have been a consumer of alternative, complementary and conventional medicine. Alternative medicine, inherent in its name, often seeks to be an alternative form of medicine. I have taken many courses in alternative medicine, alternative because it was insinuated, if not outright admitted, that the treatments were natural and therefore a superior alternative to conventional treatments. While complementary is just that – support to accompany conventional medical treatment when it is required. Thank you Steffen for breaking down such barriers in your approach to medicine and bringing together natural, Esoteric and conventional medicine – a combination that could be met by publications such as The Medical Advisor with an openness to investigate and not be quick to assume an alternate status is being sought. Scientific breakthroughs come about after all through curiosity and innovation.

  29. I not only admire you for writing this letter to The Medical Advisor but for also practising in a healing modality that is true and effective and discarding other so called healing treatments that cause harm to clients.

  30. When I read your testimony Steffen, I realize that there is so much to appreciate. The combination of western medicine and esoteric medicine is pure gold and I loved to read, how much you have changed in your life, by taking responsibility of your choices and when you started to listen to your own body.

    1. Yes it’s a great testimony to how both western and esoteric medicine can work together, and it offers all of us an example of how we can work with our bodies and the medical profession to ensure we live in a vital way.

  31. This was a very interesting letter and great that you chose to write to Mr. Kaye to clarify your position and experience and explain in a way that allows for greater understanding should he choose to listen. It is interesting that other people always have an opinion of how you should look after your body, when with the right knowing and a deep connection to our bodies, we are more than capable of determining the true course of action for ourselves.

  32. Even with all your training it’s awesome to see that there is a space for esoteric medicine within the fields of mainstream medicine. The fact that mainstream medicine has such a complementary support in esoteric medicine is a relationship that is much needed for the support of everyone. And to have such amazing doctors such as yourself Steffen showing that the two can go hand in hand is pretty cool 🙂

  33. It amazes me that there is such a fuss in certain quarters about combining both conventional and esoteric medicine for supporting people with their health problems. The interest in the fields of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) and Epigenetics suggests that down the track what is currently being treated with suspicion will be commonplace and well accepted in general medicine. What an advancement!

  34. Medicine does not have all the answers and as it has been presented nor does Esoteric Medicine, however it does bring a much greater understanding and a different relationship to the fields of medicine we have as the mainstream today. Like you say Steffen there is nothing ‘new agey’ or ‘off with the fairies’ about the two working together – in fact they make more sense than solely believing that illnesses and diseases just randomly occur, we have no say in the matter, it’s in our genes etc. And despite what some may say about dismissing the esoteric factor, there are sciences now discovering that what has been presented by Serge Benhayon is actually true.

  35. Thank-you for explaining your qualifications which are very impressive Steffen, but as you have stated without the energetic awareness that Serge Benhayon presents and that Esoteric Medicine offers, then all the knowledge doesn’t explain or heal the whole being. This a further confirmation of the importance of conventional medicine and esoteric medicine uniting and working together. The fact is that conventional medicine does not have all the answers to some of the complaints that their patients have and esoteric medicine is the missing link needed for a true healing to occur.

  36. Thanks Steffen for taking the time to explain yourself so clearly, but will Byron take it on board or is he just determined to stick to his blinkered stance?

  37. Facts beautifully stated, it is clear that conventional and complementary medicine can work together with out any contradictions.

    1. All the facts are there plain and simple to see. A huge recovery that came with looking deeper into modalities that support the body’s recovery.

  38. Steffen, feel like I have been part of an amazing class – combining conventional, natural and esoteric medicine – how fabulous for society. Thank you for the medico info also – some went a little over my head but I did enjoy your article.

  39. Thank you for stating the facts so clearly – obviously not something the prejudiced and sensationalist reporting about Universal Medicine by the Medical Observer found easy to swallow, as the evidence does not concur with what they had already and mistakenly concluded. But why let truth come in the way of a good story?

  40. Steffen what you have shared really says something about what the Esoteric Healing Modalities offer given your extensive training and experience. Also what comes with this equally, as you have shared is the integrity each practitioner chooses to live every day.

  41. Yes Steffen, you clearly are an awesome human being 💖
    Having seen you professionally also, I can attest to you being an amazing practitioner, who helped me bring awareness to something I had previously been unable (unwilling) to see, initiating true healing, thanks Steffen.

  42. I enjoyed this stating of the facts (And the medical lingo). In my experience, I have always seen a doctor, and Serge has, when I have asked, also suggested for me to see a doctor. Esoteric Medicine to me brings a deeper level of understanding, essential to be in collaboration to conventional medicine. It is a moment to stop and re-assess how we have been living to not repeat these ill patterns again, which have lead to this illness, disease or injury. What Serge and Universal Medicine present is revolutionary, it is life-changing, for those who adopt this level of self-responsibility in their lives.

  43. This shows the importance of listening to our bodies. Steffen – it’s great to see how you combined your background knowledge with how you truly felt. Of course – some people may not have all the knowledge you share here – but that should not stop us being aware of our bodies and working with doctors to decide the best treatment instead of giving our power away to the doctors alone.

    1. Yes Hannah, it does highlight how listening to our bodies is key, and even for those of us who do not have the deep medical knowledge of Steffen, when we take responsibility for how we feel and articulate that, we can work with our doctors as partners with each playing their role and when each takes care of their part, it is a much more harmonious way of working. I know if I was a doctor, which type of patient I’d like to work with!

  44. Excellent article Steffen; the fact that you have with the best physicians in the world and regard Serge Benhayon as having a level of integrity unseen before is high praise indeed. You have had a good balance between research and seeing patients and the interdisciplinary approach of Psychoneuroimmunology sounds like it would be much more effective than looking at each field in isolation. I hope that Byron Kaye appreciated the letter and is starting to realize that Universal medicine has a lot to offer and should not be dismissed without further investigation.

  45. A very interesting letter Steffen, you are a highly intelligent man and a great presenter, who better to give such a valued view on a great subject that many tend to shy away from. Serge’s knowledge of illness and disease from an energetic point of view is astonishing and it’s great to see a man of your background giving it the thumbs up.

  46. It is certainly important to seek medical attention when required for health conditions – and this is clearly something Serge Benhayon advocates as a very important part of our health care. Esoteric medicine does not go without ‘conventional medicine’ and to indicate there is any separateness between the two is clearly of that person’s own creation. There can be no separateness, as we have physical bodies as much as we do our spirit and soul. The combination of Esoteric and conventional medicine allows healing to be truly supportive, for the whole being.

    1. Thank you Steffen and Amelia, I agree Universal Medicine is definitely complementary to Conventional Medicine, the more understanding we have of this fact the greater our healing.

    2. I love that you’ve highlighted this again Amelia, as it’s crucial, Esoteric Medicine is used alongside conventional medicine and indeed everything about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is absolutely pro-medicine. It’s a fantastic combination and I know personally since coming across Universal Medicine I’ve been more willing to check in regularly with my doctors and take greater care of me – after all we regularly take our cars in for servicing, why not do the same with our bodies. For me this has become part of my self care, and I humbly feel and accept what modern medicine has to offer when it’s needed.

      1. I’ve experienced this same fantastic combination of Esoteric Medicine and Western Medicine too since being introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine! Prior to this, I totally resisted and often rejected the support of Western Medicine (and when I look back now I cringe at some of my choices in this regard, and the impact this had on my own health and that of my family) in favour of alternative medicine (which I was an adamant advocate of). My approach to health and well-being has totally changed in recent years: I have introduced self-care into my life, and now that I am taking responsibility for my choices, am able to accept and embrace the support of Western Medicine, including loving my regular check-ups.

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