Experience as a Cancer Patient

I understand that certain allegations have been made about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, in particular claiming that Serge and the practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are in opposition or competition with conventional medical practitioners. This completely contradicts my experience as a cancer patient over the past year since my diagnosis in early June 2011 and in my association with Serge and Universal Medicine since early August 2011. During this past year I have had continuous treatment medically and also since early August, weekly sessions with Serge or other Universal Medicine practitioners. I am grateful to both my conventional and complementary practitioners for the caring support that I have received.

Before my diagnosis I had had chronic fatigue and chronic digestive symptoms. I had for years sought both medical and complementary advice and treatment. Generally there was not much either sphere could do to alleviate my symptoms. I had a strong preference for taking good care of myself in terms of diet, exercise, vitamins, regular check-ups, as well as massage, acupuncture and healing. I wanted to avoid needing any medical treatment if possible.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was shocked and terrified. I learned it was aggressive and I accepted that I could not avoid major and immediate treatment. I had an initial surgery in July which removed all the lymph nodes under my left arm and a lump from my left breast. I was advised that I would be needing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and hormonal drug treatment as well. When I considered chemotherapy I felt that in my debilitated state from years of low energy, that I would suffer more than most people. I dreaded it and felt it might be the death of me before the cancer. The first surgery did not achieve clear margins around the lump and I was booked for a second surgery, a wide excision, in August.

Before the second surgery, although I rarely went out at this time, I attended the Byron Writers Festival for one afternoon. I went into a talk on words and energy by Serge Benhayon. He spoke of how people say they love coffee when they mean they need coffee. He said that if people were honest and said they needed the coffee then they might ask themselves how they were living so that they needed coffee to get through their day. They might just make better choices to improve their energy.  I appreciated his reasoning. He also spoke about the rising number of women getting breast cancer. I became very interested. I had not thought of myself as being part of a cohort. His comments about being true to ourselves as a way to be healthy made sense to me. I knew I had many times looked after others even when exhausted.

I saw Serge in early August before the second surgery. I talked to him about death and how I had been living my life for others rather than for myself. I could see how I had squandered my life energy and made myself vulnerable to cancer in spite of my ‘healthy’ lifestyle. From my first visit with him, the intense, exhausting emotion I had been living with reduced dramatically. I told him how I optimistically believed that I wouldn’t need a mastectomy although the surgeon had warned me that it was possible if the second surgery did not get clear margins. The surgeon had said I could choose a mastectomy this time instead of just another excision. I was shocked and said, “No!”  Serge somehow communicated to me a sense that I would be alright, even if a mastectomy was necessary. He didn’t minimise the loss rather he acknowledged the fear and sadness that I felt. After the second surgery I told him the results showed I would need a mastectomy. I chose to continue seeing Serge throughout my cancer treatment.

I had heard quite independently from a physiotherapist who was recommended by the hospital that people who attended Serge coped well with the treatment. She said that women who had the esoteric acupuncture (chakrapuncture) treatment along with the same medical treatment that I had and would be having, did “remarkably better” than those who didn’t have this particular complementary treatment. She had seen a lot of breast cancer patients and had great respect for Serge and his work. She had attended some of his lectures.

Going into the third surgery, the mastectomy, I was almost calm, certainly accepting and even grateful, since my surgeon had told me that provided I had the recommended treatment, I had a very good chance of surviving. Beforehand I had some thorough cries over my breast. Since I emerged from the surgery, I have never felt any further need to mourn it. My healing went well, and I was amused to have compliments from physios and nurses on my ‘beautiful’ scar.

I was given a month to recover from my surgery before I began chemotherapy. I was seeing Serge weekly for counselling and esoteric Chakra-puncture and began to feel so well physically that I could take longer and more lively walks than I had been able to do for many months before my diagnosis. I had also ended a destructive relationship and felt so positive that I told Serge that maybe I wouldn’t need chemotherapy. He said immediately that he would never advise that I not have the chemo. He simply encouraged me to keep looking at my life and my choices and feel for myself what was right. I cried over this because I definitely didn’t want to have chemo and had misunderstood and thought he might back that choice. Again, he gave me support through counselling and Chakra-puncture and taught me to “rest deeply” as I went into my chemo sessions, fully choosing to be there since I had decided that I would have it.

I have told my oncologist about the esoteric Chakra-puncture sessions and how helpful I find them. He has told me several times that I have been doing very well and even said, “keep up the acupuncture”. As with the surgery, I found that I handled the chemo treatments well, having generally only fatigue and no vomiting or pain, and minimal side effects. I did make a choice after four months of chemo, to stop a little early from the second type because of side effects that suddenly got much stronger and could have been irreversible. I made this decision with my oncologist who said that I had had a lot of chemo and he didn’t think that the slightly shorter treatment would affect my life expectancy. I told Serge about this decision after I had made it.

After the chemotherapy treatment, I was due to see a professor of radiotherapy. Yet again I hoped that I didn’t need to have treatment but he said I did. I live alone and have not been well enough to manage without regular help. The radiotherapy treatment was nearly an hour’s drive from my home, five days a week for five weeks. I didn’t know how I could get myself driven back and forth and how I would cope with that much travel even if I had a driver. Universal Medicine provided me with a beautiful and nurturing space in which to stay within a short distance of the hospital so that I was able to drive myself to the treatment even though I was still tired and became more so. Again, my treatment went easily and the main nurse who treated me said, “you obviously heal well.”

At this stage, I am beginning to recover some energy after the radiotherapy but am still easily tired probably because of the herceptin infusions that I still have every three weeks at the chemo ward. I am continuing to have weekly treatments at the UniMed clinic and always feel a profound sense of peace and rest at these times.

I have also had treatment from a physiotherapist at the UniMed clinic, who gave me simple exercises that immediately helped and within a couple of weeks completely relieved the cording that had developed in my left arm months after the lymph node removal. These gentle movements were somewhat different to those shown me by the other physiotherapist. The main distinction in her method was that it depended on beginning with and developing a deep connection with the body, not just mechanical movements while the mind might be elsewhere.

I hope it is obvious that Serge works very well with conventional medicine and is not at all opposed to it. In fact, he has often said that we have never had better medical treatment and he has particular praise for surgeons. I believe that his work is truly a complement to the conventional methods and when the two are combined, the patient is very fortunate indeed.

One of the most significant things to understand about Serge and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself.”

243 thoughts on “Experience as a Cancer Patient

  1. Learning to live in a way that is listening to our bodies is an amazing freedom and joy to feel the honouring this brings . This is something Serge Benhayon instills in all of us by his reflection and the understanding and acknowledgement of what we feel is a major part to play in the way we live and heal ourselves on a daily moment by moment process. Appreciation of all that is offered to us rather than resisting and fighting the truth allows an honesty and love in our lives our bodies and our health. An amazing sharing thank you.

  2. There are many very clear message from an article like this, and one is we think we control everything that goes on. At times because of that control we find ourselves either walking around in circles or walking down the wrong path. Bringing these two important parts of medicine together, Conventional and Universal is bringing people to more awareness about what is going on. It’s supporting more then the patients because imagine the time it takes for people to explain things to patients when they are resisting treatments or advice. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon bring a deeper understanding to what is sometimes seen as a process. It allows people to see more, understanding everything and everyone more and to make a choice on how they want things to go within reason. We think we just make a choice without first seeing there is a connection to make. We think we have our own thoughts and then others have theirs without realising that our thoughts are an energy and so the type of thoughts are aligned to our choice of energy first. We are playing small which gives us small thoughts, articles like this bring us a greater game being played which is lovely to see.

    1. I wonder as is being said if this is merely because we have all chosen or become fully aware of the fact of energy. It’s not something new as history shows but more something we have long since forgotten and now are returning too. Is it possible the more who begin to return to this fact, the more easily others will wake to the same fact? If “everything is energy” then whatever energy is being chosen will be available for everyone. Those that are aware will need to support but choosing a deeper and deeper version of what they are seeing. No waiting for a bus but a consistent living approach to every part of life, this in itself will turn the tables.

  3. When we are true to ourselves we are also being true to others. Yesterday I didn’t feel that I was ready to do a big, physical job that my husband and I had planned to do. I told him and later I realised that it was true for him too and that he said he wanted to go to the market. Being honest with myself is work in progress but when I am, I feel clear, light and steady within my body.

    1. I can sometimes feel I ought to do something because I said I would rather than truly feeling in harmony with the task at hand. Likewise when someone wants to change an appointment, for example, it is great when we allow ourselves to see the gift in this rather than reacting because things are not going our way. When we do this there is a lightening in our energy that can be felt as we align to our energetic integrity and responsibility.

  4. Never have I had so much support and encouragement as when I started seeing Serge Benhayon – for not only taking responsibility for my own health, but as part of that responsibility consulting a physician and specialist to ensure I received the necessary surgery and treatment, – and then was fully supported through that time with (often free) sessions both before surgery and during the recovery, to see and understand the patterns I was living that had lead me to the ill conditions in the first place, thus allowing a more loving and true way of living to unfold.

  5. Serge Benhayon’s loving support is constantly there for people, it is beautiful to observe and experience, and yes it is imperative to heal ourselves, ‘ “Physician, heal thyself.”

  6. From your lived example you have clearly shone a light on truth and shown that Serge Benhayon does in fact work with conventional medicine extremely well and has praise for surgeons and nurses. I understand how you must have felt during the diagnosis and treatment, I have heard other stories of chemotherapy and how whilst receiving the necessary treatment it can really make the person not feel good. You have revealed to the reader how by taking deep care of yourself it if possible to feel well whilst having these treatments and it was so great to here this ‘I had also heard this quite independently from a physiotherapist who was recommended by the hospital. She said that women who had the esoteric acupuncture treatment along with the same medical treatment that I had and would be having, did “remarkably better” than those who didn’t have this particular complementary treatment. She had seen a lot of breast cancer patients and had great respect for Serge and his work. She had attended some of his lectures.’ That within the medical profession it is seen and acknowledge the benefits to the patient of having esoteric Chakra-puncture and working with Universal Medicine practitioners whilst going through treatment deeply supports the recovery. It also shows where Serge Benhayon’s heart truly is, how accommodation and treatments are given free when needed. Serge is one person I know that truly, deeply and genuinely makes it about people.

  7. Conventional Medicine alone does not hold the answers, and Esoteric Healing alone does not bring a fullness of options to truly support a person, but the marriage of both conventional and esoteric medicine together is a union made in heaven and offers all options for a person in their path of healing and return to true wellness.

  8. This is a great story of trust, support and teamwork, and shows how working alongside both conventional and complementary health practitioners, worked so well and contributed greatly to your healing process.

  9. This is a beautiful article how to embrace even a serious diagnosis and the outstanding support that Universal Medicine provides to anyone who is in need of it due to illness and disease.

  10. We learn a lot from what you share of your experience of breast cancer. What stands out for me is how esoteric medicine supported you and your body during extremely intensive courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And the gentle and clear guidance you received from Serge Benhayon and other practitioners when faced with certain treatment options. You worked with both conventional and complementary health practitioners, but also drew on your own wisdom when it was called for.

  11. having medical treatment is a big decision, there are a lot of things at play – the medical institution assumes it has it all, but also some people don’t trust medicine even though it is so helpful. Your experience is inspiring as it shows how true healing is about balance between self responsibility and allowing the work of medicine to help us.

  12. This is one blog that I just keep returning to, the writing is so clear and direct, it leaves you wondering why we have a media that won’t represent how supportive Universal Medicine is, used in conjunction with Western Medicine it is the way of the future.

  13. A beautiful sharing on your experiences with Serge Benhayon and the support and true care offered to you throughout. When I first meet Serge Benhayon I had basically little faith in Western Medicine, after attending Universal Medicine presentations where Serge speaks highly of Western Medicine and the importance of this alongside any complementary healing, I felt supported to have regular check up’s and deal with some health issues I was avoiding looking at.

  14. “I knew I had many times looked after others even when exhausted.” This is such a simple statement but it’s really made me realise just how ridiculous it is for us to even consider caring for another when we ourselves are in a state of exhaustion .

  15. A first hand example of conventional medicine and complementary medicine coming together as Universal Medicine.

  16. The integrity Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Practitioners live and practise is second to none; the deep love and care they live emanates through their every movement. They absolutely heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself”. The marriage of conventional medicine and complementary medicine is a blessing available to all.

  17. A very powerful story about how you allowed the support of the esoteric to work with conventional medicine. it also struck me when you talked about how Serge spoke at the writers festival and pointed out people say they love their coffee but the truth is they need it – we really avoid the rawness and responsibility of complete honesty – that we can tell ourselves we love something that does not support the body. This is just one example of how we are not willing to see the choices we make.

  18. A very beautiful testament to how the esoteric and conventional medicines work together. Before I met Serge Benhayon I was anti medicine, but now I accept that we are actually fortunate to have the surgery and treatments as complementary to our own choices in how we live. The esoteric support in making these choices and connecting deeply to ourselves is simply amazing.

  19. Thanks for taking the time to express the benefits of Esoteric medicine and the utmost care and integrity offered by Serge Benhayon

  20. The very simple example of how much coffee people drink is a lovely reflection of the way Serge Benhayon works. In my experience he has never said that we shouldn’t drink coffee but that it is wise to consider why we need it and what that is reflecting back to us. If we feel we need regular stimulation to get through our day, might this be saying to us that we are exhausted? It is just common sense really isn’t it?

  21. Thank you for sharing this. Complementary health practices need to be discerned before we engage with them but having known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine now for over 5 years, I say with absolute confidence that they have been nothing other than fully supportive of my health and wellbeing and encouraged full co-operation with conventional medicine. Our medical practitioners are overwhelmed by the demand for their services and it is surely common sense that we do more to take responsibility for our own health through well considered self-care practices and hence work with their valuable knowledge rather than fight it.

  22. This is a great testimony of the marriage of conventional and esoteric medicine and how they complement each other. What also stands out is the absolute love and care with which Serge Benhayon has supported you in understanding yourself and the disease. The confidence you have built is groundbreaking and I could feel your fear and desperation disappearing and with this, true healing occurring.

  23. A true complementary therapy provides active support that builds and expands on the wisdom and treatments of conventional medicine. This is exactly what Universal Medicine healing modalities do as they have evolved to and continue to evolve in complete alignment with the current modern time.

  24. This was beautiful to read as I was fortunate enough to be one of many who helped care for this woman when she was dying. Her dying process was very inspiring as she was forever growing and evolving even as her physical body was deteriorating and dying. She expressed her ‘lived wisdom’ right up until the very end and died in a very gracious and painless manner fully present with no fear.

  25. Thank you for sharing your experience of both Cancer, Universal Medicine, the medical system and Serge Benhayon. My father also had cancer recently and the experience you share is the same that I felt from the entire Benhayon family. A complete and constant loving support that combined a deep care for us as a family, not only my father but everyone else affected, and also the encouragement to embrace the medical treatments that felt most supportive for my father. During this process the fear of cancer, the fear of “the Big C” slowly had less hold. Without Serge Benhayon my approach to medicine and cancer would be completely different, and not in a good way. Now I have an understanding on what happens, why and my part and that is gold.

  26. Thank you for writing your experience and in doing so the truth. You have exposed the lies and defamation that have been said about Serge Benhayon. Why anyone in the first place would want to do such a thing astounds me. I have known Serge Benhayon for over 10 years now and his respect, care and genuine depth of love for all is always felt and so very inspiring. Surely it would be more beneficial to study what he presents and publish stories like these, rather than lie and defame? Reading your story as well made me realise how many women have gone through similar experiences as you without this level of care and support you have had, this is what we need to turn and look at, this is what we need to change. Serge Benhayon has shown and inspired many to care and love others as he does. Thank goodness for him, I so appreciate knowing him and what he lives, presents and reflects to others.

  27. This is a clear testimonial of conventional medicine and Universal Medicine working in harmony together to support the whole person and being through surgery.

  28. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer and an aggressive form of cancer can be terrifying and it is a hard time to make clear decisions and to remain positive. Serge Benhayon is a calm and solid ally who’s complementary healing modalities are amazing at this time of crisis. He always supports the whole person and appreciates the value of conventional treatments. He allowed me to take myself and my health very seriously and to value myself deeply when I was inclined to try not to disrupt anyone else’s lives too much. Now I realise that to care for and value myself as deeply as I can is very important. Now I realise that it is important to accept the healing offered by western medicine and to work with it rather than to go into it with fear and a slight mistrust of the doctors and their care for my wellbeing. This is because of Serge Benhayon. It is a nonsense and wicked to suggest that Serge is anything else but supportive of western medicine and to spread false rumours denies others the chance to understand how creating a rhythm and flow in our bodies rather than fear and resistance, can really support a more harmonious experience of illness and disease.

  29. Since attending presentations offered by Serge Benhayon I have seen a level of responsibility in the minutest detail of true care, that I have never experienced before. Serge Benhayon and other Universal Medicine practitioners constantly reflect without any self-aggrandisement – ‘one has to live this to share this’ with others. Walking their talk in full brings a deeper level of understanding to ‘Physician heal thyself’.
    “One of the most significant things to understand about Serge and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself.”

  30. An honest blog and very inspiring read. Conventional and energetic (esoteric) medicine coming together hand in hand, walking in the same direction is the way forwards to understand and treat the level of illness and disease that is increasing in leaps and bounds daily. Our body reflects the lifestyle and choices we have made and offers huge possibility for exploring these as an integral part of true healing.

  31. What wonderful blog. The sharing here will be of great value to many others in the same situation or similar . The information you have shared is in depth and no one could be left feeling that Medical Practitioners are not valued by Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine Practitioners, who work together with them in many situations to great effect.

  32. There is so much shared here in just this one blog about the potential for health care and healing. Even to encounter a physiotherapist that suggests that the rehabilitation exercises be done with a quality of care and connection to the body and not merely mechanical movements could revolutionise the way physiotherapy is practiced and taught.

  33. To write ‘Going into the third surgery, the mastectomy, I was almost calm, certainly accepting and even grateful….’ is remarkable and other markers of healing do not go unnoticed either by medical professionals when conventional treatment is combined with Esoteric Medicine. This has been my experience too, after a private session with Serge Benhayon and the energetic understanding he offered me I underwent a medical procedure with the surgeon remarking at how unusually well I handled it. I required only the minimum of pain killers and like you Annie C felt amazingly clear and light.

  34. At a time when breast cancer and mastectomies are unfortunately occurring more frequently this line feels important to hear for the women that undergo this surgery, and medical professionals that perform them ‘Serge somehow communicated to me a sense that I would be alright, even if a mastectomy was necessary. He didn’t minimise the loss rather he acknowledged the fear and sadness that I felt.’ Let’s not minimise the loss of a woman’s breasts even when it is necessary.

  35. Since encountering Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, with every surgery, and every procedure I have had one hundred thousand percent support from Serge and other esoteric practitioners. I have sailed through each procedure with minimal pain and no post-op complications, But the most amazing part was how clear and light I felt after the surgeries… This compared to the trauma and pain of previous ops, it has been an amazing phenomenon to experience.

  36. ‘One of the most significant things to understand about Serge and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself.” ‘ Esoteric practitioners are not only showing but also living the true way to health.

  37. Physician heal thyself; how apt and true. This story is so similar to my own; I particularly noticed the stark difference in the Conventional Medicine treating doctors to that of Universal Medicine practitioners. My physical healing is due to both, and I am grateful, however my energetic continued healing is absolutely due to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and his “team”.

  38. With your own support of self, coupled with the conventional medicine and the esoteric medicine, you offered yourself a well-rounded opportunity for healing. Conventional medicine and the esoteric offer us so much in regards to our health and wellbeing and I am truly grateful for both. The account of your experience is great to read and hopefully we’ll see more of these combined levels of support offered in the near future, because there is no denying there is much merit for it.

  39. I can feel the steadiness in this account of taking responsibility for your own part in the healing process supported equally by conventional medicine and Esoteric Medicine offered by Serge Benhayon and practitioners at Universal Medicine.

  40. Such a clear account of how complementary and Western Medicine work well together. What a gift to humanity to have both.

  41. Yet another testimonial on the profound work and support that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are delivering to humanity. The treatments they deliver are fully complementary to the western medicine and actually both are designed to work together, as they both cannot perform in full with out another. A marriage of the two will benefit the general health condition of humanity enormously.

    1. I agree Nico, the effectiveness of western medicine is greatly supported and even boosted by the application of simple principles presented by Universal Medicine, as experienced and witnessed by so many. This deserves to be studied and explored in full to truly see what is possible in healing.

  42. The healing modalities that Universal Medicine offer are very effective on many levels and the example you have provided of undergoing cancer treatment while at the same time recieving esoteric healing is a really good testament of the huge benefit of these modalities.

  43. This blog is not only a great testimony on the generosity, warmth and deep care Serge Benhayon holds for all but an absolute support in building trust that there is another way to approach a scary and life threatening illness like cancer. This is so very much needed, how many of us stay silent and hush things up in our suffering, fear and hopelessness, turning away from people where we most need them.

    1. I agree Esther – turning away from people when we most need them is another form of turning away from ourselves – Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present a unified way with conventional medicine working very well alongside complementary medicine and in that mix we have our responsibility to self-nurture.

    2. I agree Esther, it is crazy but so common that we ‘batton down the hatches’ and just try to soldier on in isolation at the time when we most need support. This is really a form of self-abuse that only adds to the ill-condition in our body, and a way of keeping others out when it is an opportunity for all to come together even more powerfully to learn and to grow.

      1. The expression that comes to mind Annie is community support. It seems crazy not to engage and accept community support when we are vulnerable. From there we can see how much we can offer this love on to others when we are ready.

  44. I re-read this blog as a family member has just been diagnosed with cancer. Again I am blown away by the generosity of Serge Benhayon and the practitioners of the UniMed clinic and the seamless way the esoteric modalities support the person to navigate their healing process and understand the adjustments they need to bring into their life to restore balance and harmony not only to the body, but to the being to which it belongs.

  45. In his work Serge truly supports self empowerment as part of the healing process and never discourages conventional methods of treatment. When we are feeling into our bodies our decisions are made from a true connection and not from fear or anxiousness. Self empowerment is rarely discussed in conventional treatments but is an integral part of the healing picture. Esoteric medicine, conventional medicine and self empowerment to discern what is best for one’s body is a powerful combination for healing.

    1. Anne your comment “Self Empowerment is rarely discussed in conventional treatments but is an integral part of the healing picture.” Is indeed the missing link to true healing as demonstrated in this blog. When the person being treated actually gets to energetically connect to the cause of the disease and has the opportunity to change their behaviours which has attributed to the disease in the first place… Now that’s empowering.

  46. This is a great testament to the power of healing when combining self care, as taught by Universal Medicine and practised by it’s practitioners, with the expertise of the Medical system, which would be greatly improved if true self care were practised by the medical staff. The two go hand in hand, to bring about healing.

  47. Yet another great example of how esoteric medicine and western medicine work hand in hand – one doing very well to treat the physicality of the disease, and the other working with the root underlying causes. Never in my life have I witnessed so many people make such huge changes in their life with such ease as I have in the community of people I have met through my interaction with Universal Medicine. It certainly showcases the fact that the only true approach to medicine is one that encompasses all of life, rather than one that reduces life to what can purely be observed in a test tube – which is of course an important part, but only a part of what true medicine entails if it is true.

  48. ‘One of the most significant things to understand about Serge and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself”. Indeed if this philosophy was lived by all healthcare workers it would literally transform the health care system itself.

    1. I agree Suse. I feel that in the future we will look back and marvel at how we imagined we could possibly have a healthcare service where the people providing the healthcare did not look after themselves. We cannot care for another if we are not caring for ourselves first.

      1. I echo what you have both expressed here Suse and Elizabeth! Caring for self is not a ‘new’ way of thinking – this wisdom has been known (and lived) for a long time and the words of the ancient philosophers are testament to this – so all we are doing here now in this point in time, is returning to the wisdom we already know, but are just now choosing to live.

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