Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine ~ a doctor’s perspective

by Dr Samuel Kim MBBS FRACP MPH, Brisbane, Australia

I have been aware of recent allegations and misrepresentations published by individuals against Serge Benhayon and the practitioners of Universal Medicine which suggest, amongst other things, that practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are against the practice of Western Medicine.

Firstly, I would like to point out that, from the perspectives of our dedicated practice staff, a number of patients approach us requesting to be treated according to an integrated model of western medicine and complementary healing. I am also aware of a number of highly respected medical practitioners and allied health professionals who either work alongside Serge Benhayon, or who may have clients referred to or from Serge and Universal Medicine. Essentially, nothing could be further from the actual truth than any suggestion that Serge and Universal Medicine are “anti-western medicine”.

I currently practise as a Consultant Thoracic Physician at St. Andrew’s Place, Spring Hill, Brisbane, with subspecialty expertise in the medical care of lung and relevant chronic diseases. Since 2003, I have had extensive experience in regional medical care as a Visiting Thoracic Physician to Central Queensland and since 2008, the Northern Rivers region of NSW. This is alongside the primary role as the Visiting Thoracic Physician to St. Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Spring Hill, a 250-bed tertiary referral centre with a highly regarded track record in cardiorespiratory and cardiac surgical care.

The simple fact is that the Northern Rivers area of NSW had lacked adequate Thoracic Physician services for a number of years prior to the establishment of our current clinic at the premises of the Universal Medicine complex in Goonellabah. This was actually inspired by Serge’s open support for an integrated model of scientific Medicine and Healing, herein termed “Medical-Healing” and by a client from Byron Bay in 2008 who was personally referred by Serge to our Brisbane practice. That patient, a middle-aged woman, suffered from a rare genetically-based lung disease. She approached us, emphasising a need for both the best of traditional medical care and esoteric healing. That patient remains today a great supporter of the benefits of esoteric healing as complementary to traditional western care.

Medical-Healing is not a new concept, as a similar model has been emphasised in overseas centres and increasingly in Australia for the past two decades. It enables patients to access complementary healing if they choose to, and to not be imposed upon by doctors or practitioners, knowing that when they seek healing, it will be done with the utmost integrity.

There are, of course, so many “alternative” healing modalities available today, and a significant demand in the broader community for alternative therapies. However, there is, unfortunately, a limited understanding amongst the general public of the effect that the energetic intent behind some so-called healing modalities and their practitioners, can have on patients. In my experience, it is the emphasis of Serge and Universal Medicine on the intent and energetic integrity of the practitioner, whether traditional or complementary, that differs from other approaches to healing. Practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are accredited according to the very strict guidelines of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*, with emphasis on “do no harm” both in one’s personal and professional life. It is only practitioners of the highest level of personal and energetic integrity who are accredited by EPA.*

People with chronic diseases frequently visit the Universal Medicine clinics both here and in the UK. I have had the pleasure of visiting both Centres and have also participated in workshops presented by Serge. The model of care has always been one of open support for the continuing care of patients by both their doctors and allied health professionals. Certainly, that has been the case with a number of my patients with chronic lung diseases, who choose to have healing treatments such as lung massages, specialised acupuncture and esoteric healing alongside the conventional medical treatments such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, lung volume reduction and cancer surgery.

Despite the public misconceptions, Healing is not just about the “cure”, or removing the need for medicine, but it is about recognition and support of what the body needs to resolve the ills that led to the illness and disease in the first place. Thus, what Serge and Universal Medicine share in their healing courses and clinics is highly relevant and practical for our society which increasingly relies on drug treatments and yet, suffers from a continued increase in complex diseases.

From my perspective as a specialist in the temporal world, what Serge and Universal Medicine are doing in their practice confirms that Medicine and Healing can work together as equal partners in public health and the care of the community. Although I have seen this well represented in the Northern Rivers region, what I can say is that this potentially represents a great benefit for all of humanity.

If  society accuses a professional man such as myself, as a gullible character who will either willingly or unwillingly work with a person of unscrupulous character, I say this: would a person in my standing compromise all I have and have done, compromise what I truly feel from my inner heart and with all my depth of wisdom, and not stand for these truths that have been misrepresented and are thus misleading for the general public? Such has recently been the case of Serge Benhayon as published in the media where the emphasis has not been on the integrity of publishing facts or truths, let alone on what healing actually means. I thus speak on behalf of all of my patients when I say that Medicine is also about Healing and integrity.

Integrative Pulmonary Care & Medical P/L
Blue Hills Lung Centre P/L

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

145 thoughts on “Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine ~ a doctor’s perspective

  1. As you write, healing is not about cure. Getting to the root cause and healing that enables a person to resume a vibrant and fulfilling life. If not, symptoms may well return, hence maybe the return of serious illnesses such as cancer – if someone returns to their old way of life without making any serious lifestyle changes.

  2. Medicine badly needs to integrate healing into its marvellous range of offerings. Of course healing was an integral part of medicine at its roots, but sadly this has been forgotten.

  3. ‘Medicine is also about Healing and integrity.’ … and many in medicine practice this, and it’s great to hear from those such as Sam who do. Those who have vilified Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as anti-medicine are not about true care for all of us, for what Serge represents is integrity and quality in how we are in each movement and with everyone, and it’s something we sorely need in all of our lives as much in the world had lost that integrity and quality, including parts of modern medicine.

  4. Beautiful write up, giving us all a greater understanding how Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine work together ‘Despite the public misconceptions, Healing is not just about the “cure”, or removing the need for medicine, but it is about recognition and support of what the body needs to resolve the ills that led to the illness and disease in the first place.’ Serge Benhayon presents how all illness comes from a root cause and through identifying that and changing the way we live helps the body to readjust and heal far more deeply, than Conventional Medicine can do alone.

  5. You raise a great point here Dr Samuel Kim, about the importance of the energetic intent and integrity amongst all practitioners. Many may turn a blind eye to this level of responsibility, but if embraced the practitioners can provide a quality of service and true intent that supports the client enormously, as you have clearly done in your practice for many years so beautifully Dr Kim.

  6. After having received treatments from the Esoteric Healing Modalities, I can say that they are great support to understand and address the root cause of illnesses. Knowing that (as statistics clearly reveal) the already highly valuable conventional medicine can’t manage the current whole health situation on its own, I find Esoteric medicine can be the best complement to it for an integral healing that takes care not only of the symptoms, but of every detail in this process of healing, with the key piece: energetic integrity.

  7. Since attending Workshops, presentations and courses run by Serge and Universal Medicine I can see the huge benefit of conventional medicine and Esoteric medicine working together in a way that complements each other and give the patient exactly what they need as that is what it is all about isn’t it, healing the client?

  8. Hear hear. Thank you. Dr. Samuel Kim. After having avoided conventional medicine for many years, integrating the best of conventional and esoteric medicine is the approach I now choose for myself – thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. And I feel so supported in my choice to read what you present here, and I so agree with you that the model of medicine and healing working as equal partners would be a great support to humanity, including doctors themselves.

  9. I may not have experienced a serious chronic health condition, but know from attending Universal Medicine presentations that health is not just an absence of illness and disease, but quality of life lived. With the support of Universal Medicine practitioners and our own commitment, we literally begin to live again; by righting our relationship with self we build a body that is vital, energised, and loved. This is true medicine.

  10. Very true what you say Dr Sam Kim. There are some who place complete trust in conventional medicine practitioners and in doing become dependent on prescription drugs. Their dependency concretised because the underlying cause of the core condition or illness has never been explored. Medication gives temporary relief, but the patient remains chained to emotional hurts from the past. This plays a heavy toll on the body and severely limits their ability to live a joyful expansive life. I love the term medical-healing and integrative medicine where conventional and complementary medicine practitioners work together to support the whole person.

  11. Most things in life are selling us a cure, they are selling this because we are demanding it. Generally speaking we tend to have an attitude that when there is a problem, the best solution is get rid of it quick. Universal Medicine asks for us to take a look when something goes wrong in our bodies, readjust things if needed but always seek proper mainstream medical advice.

  12. I feel you epitomise Patient Centred Care. Patients need a choice of what modalities will support their bodies, they need to be honoured and to have all the information to be able to make a decision. I cannot imagine looking only to Western Medicine any more for my healing as I feel it is an abdication of what I bring to myself the 364 days and 23 hours I am not in front of the physician! The way we live takes equal standing in our healing and works as a valuable complement to Western Medicine.

  13. The commitment of a Doctor such as Dr Sam Kim to his patients is without question a life’s work. To see that commitment at work every day supporting people at their very worst times is truly a sight to see. Thank goodness for Doctors such as Sam Kim who choose to dedicate their life in the support of others.

  14. ‘Despite the public misconceptions, Healing is not just about the “cure”, or removing the need for medicine, but it is about recognition and support of what the body needs to resolve the ills that led to the illness and disease in the first place.’ There have been many people supported through Universal Medicine to listen to their body and support it for better health, and I know that Universal Medicine is very pro conventional medicine too.

  15. When it is clear that, although extraordinary, medicine does not have all the answers, it is gorgeous to see the healing power of Universal medicine being used in conjunction with medicine to address the cause and not just the symptoms. This offers a massive benefit for humanity, especially those that are willing to see that there is more to illness and disease than we have been led by science to believe and more importantly that there is a part we can play in our own healing.

  16. Truth needs to be told and you speak it here Sam in an absoluteness that can be felt to the bone, and you reflect how true integrity and your living way are a huge part of the equation as a Practitioner of high standing and love of humanity.

  17. Samuel, your words about medicine being intrinsically about healing and integrity bring tears to my eyes. The true physician holds their patient in the utmost of care, holding back nought within (and at times beyond) their scope that may support their patient on their own path to true healing. Clearly you are such a physician, and from all of my experience with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon also (since 2001), I hold Serge Benhayon as such a true physician also, in every sense of the word.
    This deserves to be celebrated for the depth of service offered to our communities, and not marred by false innuendo if not outright hate and smear campaigns.

  18. I applaude what Sam has written here, the integrity he works with is easily felt in this article. The other stand out is the love and compassion he has for his clients. If ever I need a lung surgeon I will be contacting him in a heart beat.

  19. Thank you for sharing your experience Sam. ‘Medicine and Healing can work together as equal partners in public health and the care of the community’ … this is so important as Medicine is embraced and healing equally so, patients and doctors can work together to find the way that best supports patients in their lives with any conditions they may have; it makes absolute sense and rather than vilifying those who offer this support we should look at those who use this approach and see if it might benefit others?

  20. Thank you Sam – Medicine is not healing if it separates out the connection, reflection and reading of what is happening in the Human body and its response to the world around it. Your words are profound and deeply appreciated.

  21. I agree with you Samuel, Serge Benhayon has constantly stated his support for western medicine and never has he said the opposite. This is just another lie peddled by an undiscerning and irresponsible media. You make a great point about how little understood healing is by both doctors and the public. Because healing is the removal of the energy causing the ill and western medicine doesn’t yet consider the energy at play, this lack of understanding is likely to continue for some time, in fact until we see the marriage of western medicine and esoteric medicine.

  22. “what Serge and Universal Medicine are doing in their practice confirms that Medicine and Healing can work together as equal partners in public health and the care of the community.” Thank you for stating so clearly the truth that western medicine and esoteric medicine working in partnership are complementary to each other.

  23. It’s great to see a Doctor speaking like this, not that it should be needed. We are so far off when it comes to how we see illness and disease. When a man comes along and shatters the model we think is working when in fact it itself is broken we don’t look at what is being said we attack the messenger. Serge Benhayon has blessed us with something and there are hundreds of people walking the benefits of that blessings and yet here we still stand with it not being accepted or even considered. More and more people are walking away in a sense from Universal Medicine with a deeper understanding of what is going on for them and others. They are walking proof if you like that things aren’t being approached by us in the way that’s needed. Universal Medicine brings an important and complementary part to Medicine in general. I would suspect this has already eased some of the burden that we are facing medically and if this was accepted deeper we could see more of the pressure eased. You only need read articles like this to see the benefits and blessing this complete medicine brings everyone. It’s not about Serge Benhayon but about people and what this awareness brings us all. I say thank you all round here, thank you.

  24. Thank you Dr Samuel Kim, your words are profoundly wise and clearly show a man who is discerning to a very high degree, the highest perhaps. Your insights into the world of medicine and healing should be sought after the world over… we need more people of your standing and integrity amongst us.

  25. I so agree that working in health is not just about outcomes but supporting people to heal themselves through the process they may be going through. This takes many forms that do not show in the “outcome measures”.

  26. Bravo Dr Samuel Kim! I have not heard of the term ‘Medical-Healing’ but I am fully aware of its capabilities as true support for a patient. I have been a student of Universal Medicine since late 2005 and the principles have been a part of my health and wellbeing regime since. The tools I have attained and now aware of have been first class. I have been supported through some mental illnesses the current structure of psychology has not been able to help me with. The depth to which Serge Benhayon presents from the first ever presentation I attended explained how to reach truth from a perspective I had not heard before and was the concept of energetically defining what truth is. Knowing truth energetically is a base that no mind-based or scientific argument can be imposed on it. It was the most refreshing thing I had ever heard and the base of my now lived truth. I am forever grateful to the love and support I have received and the new relationships I have made, especially with myself. Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

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