Experience as a Cancer Patient

I understand that certain allegations have been made about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, in particular claiming that Serge and the practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are in opposition or competition with conventional medical practitioners. This completely contradicts my experience as a cancer patient over the past year since my diagnosis in early June 2011 and in my association with Serge and Universal Medicine since early August 2011. During this past year I have had continuous treatment medically and also since early August, weekly sessions with Serge or other Universal Medicine practitioners. I am grateful to both my conventional and complementary practitioners for the caring support that I have received. Continue reading “Experience as a Cancer Patient”

The Missing Link: The Esoteric.

by Julia Manglano, D.U.E, Registered nurse at Accident and Emergency Department, Hospital de La Plana, Castellón, Spain

In the following lines I will discuss why the esoteric and particularly esoteric medicine is so useful and complementary to western medicine especially at this point in time.

We can all agree that conventional medicine has developed greatly in many fields including surgery, pharmacology, diagnostic techniques, transplants, etc. At the same time and in that process it has forgotten its origins; Hypocrates and the Fathers of medicine viewed the human being as a whole, and not just as separate parts you can cure without taking into consideration the rest of the body and the rest of the bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, social). So medicine nowadays is very accurate in diagnosing, very efficient in eliminating symptoms and excellent in providing surgical techniques and solutions for many of the ills of people. Then, one could ask: why is it that cancer, diabetes, mental disorders and chronic diseases of all types have risen to higher than ever figures? Could it be that we are missing a piece in the healing-health puzzle? Continue reading “The Missing Link: The Esoteric.”

Combining Conventional Medical Treatment and Esoteric Healing – A Client’s View

by Carmel Reid BEng, DMS, Cert Ed, MCMI, Somerset, UK

Ten years ago, at the age of 52, I was obese, breathless, and diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. When I asked the Doctor if it was stress that caused the thyroid condition, he said yes, and we had a brief discussion about ways to reduce it (diet, exercise etc). Continue reading “Combining Conventional Medical Treatment and Esoteric Healing – A Client’s View”

Letter to Heath Aston, SMH – before publication of his articles Re Serge Benhayon

  by Eunice J Minford MBChB, MA, FRCS Ed, Antrim, N Ireland
Dear Heath,
I understand you have recently spoken with Serge Benhayon regarding a number of allegations concerning Serge and Universal Medicine. I would like to briefly share with you my experiences of Serge and Universal Medicine in light of those allegations, and in doing so it is as a doctor who has been working in Western Medicine/Surgery for over 20 years. Currently, I work full-time in a busy hospital in Northern Ireland as a Consultant General Surgeon. I have attended many talks and events presented by Universal Medicine in the UK and worldwide since 2007, and thus I feel I am able to comment on what Serge says or does not say in workshops/retreats etc.  Continue reading “Letter to Heath Aston, SMH – before publication of his articles Re Serge Benhayon”

Gentleness in Surgery and Universal Medicine

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed, Antrim, N Ireland

One of the first teachings I received as a trainee surgeon many years ago, was to be gentle with the tissues when operating. As a medical student and junior doctor, I would hear bosses advise the more senior trainees to ‘be gentle’ or sometimes hear them being chastised for being too rough. It is well-recognised within surgery, that gentle handling of the tissues is important in the overall success of the operation and in minimising post-operative complications. It is one of the fundamental teachings in surgery. Continue reading “Gentleness in Surgery and Universal Medicine”

Universal Medicine Restores Conventional Medicine to its Healing Roots

by Dr Anne Malatt MBBS, MS, FRANZCO, FRACS

Modern medicine is amazing. What we are able to do to support the human being in existence is incredible.  The recent advances in technology, surgery and pharmacology that we work with today and the research that will bring us new advances in the near future are nothing short of miraculous. Doctors and allied health professionals are dedicated and hardworking individuals who practise their professions with the greatest integrity they can. Continue reading “Universal Medicine Restores Conventional Medicine to its Healing Roots”

Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine – a professional’s perspective

This blog has been set up by some of the doctors and a variety of healthcare practitioners associated with Universal Medicine. It will be used to discuss articles pertaining to health along with practitioner and client experiences with respect to the understandings of esoteric healing and whatever else we feel to discuss. Continue reading “Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine – a professional’s perspective”